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User Info: WickIebee

3 weeks ago#81
JONALEON1 posted...

Stifled - 48
Wickle - 42
Johnbobb - 40
Ermine - 39
Karo - 28
Snake - 22
charon - 18
Gen - 16
KBM - 16
Inviso - 15
scarlet - 12
JONA - 10

Stifled trucks on by past Wickle and rocks his way to the top.

See you, space outlier (apparently didn't check this at all last night)
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.

User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#82
21. Jamming with Edward
Total: 211 pts.

Johnbobb - 7
Karo - 7
Stifled - 14
Ermine - 15
JONA - 15
charon - 20
Gen - 21
scarlet - 21
Snake - 21
KBM - 22
Wickle - 23
Inviso - 25

Johnbobb - Ed's the f***ing best.

Mickayla's thoughts:
The most pure part of this show.

Karo - While on the bounty for a satellite saboteur, the gang meets the final member of the Bebop crew, the eccentric hacker Radical Edward, and she agrees to help the in exchange for a place on the ship.
Despite her silliness, Ed never seems out of place on the show. To the contrary, she brings a certain something or other to the table and it is hard to imagine the show without her weirdly endearing presence.
Anyway, this is a pretty decent episode where their new hacker buddy helps them defuse a rouge satellite AI, an all-too-rare case where the others actually make use of Ed's formidable talents, despite there being innumerable places in the series where she would be very very helpful. (hey, Ed, can you remotely hijack Vicious' ship and crash it into the sun? kthxbai)

Stifled - I’m not entirely sure, but I think Ed might be my favorite Bebop character. Episodes where she’s heavily featured (or in this case, where she debuted) tend to be more enjoyable for me than ones without her. The end sequence in particular sets the tone for what we can expect from her in future episodes, when she holds the Bebop hostage with a remote control until she can join the crew. Also, there are really cool space battles. I’m always down for cool space battles.

Ermine - Well... Ed isn't really what I expected at all. She's kind of... annoying with all those sounds she makes. Her introduction story really wasn't all that great either but at least there was an okay amount of Ein scenes.

The bit at the end was pretty funny though.


JONA - The introduction episode of Ed. Ed's a really fun character and she seems like the kind of character that would be easy to mess up and make her annoying but they do such a great job with her. Her controlling of the cop ship and the Bebop are very entertaining. She also has some nice interactions with MPU, the HAL-9000 reference. The reasons for it making the drawings on Earth are kinda sad and helps the show's theme of loneliness. Faye and Jet have a fun conversation before they go out to find the hacker. Jet has a neat foreshadowing joke with him saying that hackers are different from when she was young and that you can't tell the age of a woman by looking at her. The scene of Jet interviewing people to find more information about Edward is great with the viewpoint being on just the people and not Jet and it helps show how great the character design of Cowboy Bebop is with everyone looking unique. I love how Jet says all of the information about him in one sentence with a straight face later on. "He's a 7 foot tall ex-basketball pro Hindu guru drag queen alien." It seemed like it would be another episode where the gang actually managed to get a bounty but nope. It was funny listening to Punch reading the long message about why the bounty won't be given. Really fun episode.

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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#83
charon - It was especially strange to wait 9 episodes to see a major starring cast member who appears in the intro finally appear on screen. Ed is a bizarre character, and that's putting it mildly. I find myself not really know how to feel about her. There's usually just a couple of types for child characters, even though Ed is apparently like 13 you'd never know that. I don't feel she fits into the molds of child characters I know of. She's high-energy, yet she's in no way bratty. She's intelligent, but she's not a very good conversationalist. It's weird. This episode itself is pretty weird too. I don't dislike it, but it still left me a little bit underwhelmed too.

Gen - I had to look at this one objectively because honestly, other than introducing my favorite character not much happens in this session. As much as I adore the rogue hacker she doesn't get to shine until she's able to interact one on one with the rest of the Bebop crew I think. MPU is reminiscent of an innocuous HAL-9000 and is therefore even more uninteresting. This is not the kind of character Edward can bounce off of to the fullest of her abilities.

scarlet - Your mileage may vary depending on two things: first, how much do you like kids? Second, how much do you like HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey? My answer?
Rating: 77/100

Snake - I can’t quite tell if Radical Ed is going to be an annoying character or an endearing one. However, I’m certainly leaning towards the former. So far, the show has juggled comedy and drama with class and grace, always coming at the right moment, but Ed seems too random for my tastes. On the flipside, the stuff with MPU was quite touching, even though I wish it went deeper with whether or not computers count as living things, rather than just briefly discussing it. Well, either way, it wasn’t the best episode but enjoyable enough, and Ed didn’t ruin it that much but I still wish she was just a one-off or minor recurring character (but she ends up getting better later!).

KBM - Edward's introduction is a rocky one as she kind of comes across annoying to start out with, and a lot of the episode's humor just doesn't land very well for me. The episode's plot revolves around an underdeveloped conflict with a sentient satellite that's resolved all too abruptly.

Wickle - Edward’s introduction, and I certainly was not expecting her to be a her. I really do not like the cop out with this episode’s way to make sure no bounty was paid out. And the only thing I appreciate about Ed right now is that these dubbers at least knew how to keep a character’s third person, unlike SOMETHING else.

Inviso - I’m REALLY worried about the future of this show, now that they’ve added a hyperactive child character to the cast. This episode just feels so…pointless. The main bad guy is a sad satellite that wants to draw Nazca lines in South America. Big f***ing deal. It seems the only purpose to this episode was just to introduce Edward, who is EXTRA annoying, what with the verbal tick of referring to herself in the third person all the time. This just feels like a complete filler episode to introduce a character that will be relevant in the rest of the series. It’s a waste of time.
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User Info: Inviso

3 weeks ago#84
Wow. So my entire bottom five is all out. I'm...actually surprised.
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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#85

Stifled - 55
Johnbobb - 54
Ermine - 45
Wickle - 44
Karo - 42
Snake - 22
charon - 20
Inviso - 19
KBM - 17
Gen - 16
JONA - 16
scarlet - 12

Johnbobb almost hacks his way to the top but Stifled's firewall says no.
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User Info: BetrayedTangy

3 weeks ago#86
God I gotta hurry up and finish this so I can read these rankings
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User Info: NBIceman

3 weeks ago#87
Ed is pretty solidly my least favorite member of the crew, but that's more a credit to how much I enjoy the other three than it is an indictment of her.

I like her best in the episodes that don't focus on her much.
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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#88
charon posted...
he also mentions the rest of the money is for the dude up in heaven? Yeah, I don't know. That line just didn't strike me as very much in character and was a little jarring.

Gonna give my thoughts on this. Spike generally has a respect for the dead as we see with Gren, he bothers to check back with Roco's sister in Waltz for Venus and helped Giraffe with his wish to help Zebra in Sympathy for the Devil. I don't think it was out of character.
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User Info: v_charon

3 weeks ago#89
It was more of the God thing than him being kind or respectful of the dead or their relatives. Religion is admittedly not brought up a ton in the show, and when it seldom is it tends to be themed around Asian based religions.
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User Info: VengefulKaelee

3 weeks ago#90
NBIceman posted...
Ed is pretty solidly my least favorite member of the crew, but that's more a credit to how much I enjoy the other three than it is an indictment of her.

I like her best in the episodes that don't focus on her much.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel as well.
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