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User Info: v_charon

4 weeks ago#71
I guess that's true, but people always have a way of finding each other in the show and in anime in general. Logic isn't exactly a dictating force in this show or most others.
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Seems that way.
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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#73
22. Heavy Metal Queen
Total: 214 pts.

Johnbobb - 5
Stifled - 5
Ermine - 10
Wickle - 14
KBM - 17
JONA - 21
Inviso - 22
Snake - 22
scarlet - 23
Gen - 24
charon - 25
Karo - 26

Johnbobb - This episode became an immediate favorite for me. I love the music, I love VT, I love the drunken master vibes in the bar fight, and I love the character interactions here. While it doesn't rewrite the formula of the show, it does give me what I want from an episode.

Mickayla's thoughts:
Years after watching Cowboy Bebop, Heavy Metal Queen is one of the only episodes I fully remembered and cherished. Great music, great plot progression

Stifled - Quite frankly, I am shocked that was not Iron Maiden. Holy crap. Anyways, excellent metal music aside, this is an episode that is probably a bit under the radar for most, but it never fails to wow me. V.T. is super cool, and my hope is that there are real life truckers like her out there. The game to guess V.T.’s real name is another fun little way to add more mystery to her character. Spike figuring it out at the end, along with the nice little chat the followed, was a really nice payoff for the episode.

Ermine - Not bad not bad. Victoria and Zeros were both pretty cool. The story of the episode wasn't anything fantastic but it flowed well enough. Decent amounts of Ein too which made me happy. The little floating doggo made me smile.


Wickle - Odd episode, revolved around a space trucker. Not much to say, it had its fun.

KBM - I enjoyed this one quite a bit while I was watching it, but then, I kind of figured VT would turn into a recurring character and was disappointed when I realized she was just going to end up being a one-off, which robbed the episode of some of the promise it had. It's good enough placed where it is, but it doesn't serve much purpose outside of being a change of pace from the more serious episodes directly preceding it.

JONA - VT is a fun character and I liked seeing the betting game involving her name and the reason why she hated bounty hunters. VT's cat also looked delicious. It was also neat seeing what truckers in the future are like, with a cool cameo by Snake. When it comes to the main cast, they're pretty fun here too in their quest to catch Woody Allen. I like how Spike and Faye went in different directions to catch the bounty. Faye's facial expression of her staring at the sundae is fantastic. I also like Faye's line of not being the delicate type despite what she said in the prior episode. I also love Spike's facial expression when his egg falls. I thought it was cool how Spike used the gun to get back to VT's ship. I do like how Jet kinda acts like the father of the crew with him taking care of Ein and scolding Spike and Faye when they come back. Also interesting to learn he's 36 from the episode preview. Fun episode.

Favorite Song: Doggy Dog III

Inviso - I’m only seven episodes into this list, and I’m already running out of things to say. This plot is fine, there’s some decent comedy, but mostly, it’s just…there. The hilarity of a random dweeb turning out to be the source this massive bounty reward is undercut by how he gets killed randomly, halfway through the episode, and then it’s just…who cares? Like, the whole episode is supposed to be building up VT as this character, but she’s just a gruff truck driver who dislikes bounty hunters. That’s about it. This level of curtness is what’s hurting my enjoyment of, what is ostensibly meant to be, a dramatic show.
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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#74
Snake - After a string of particularly notable episodes, we get this episode which unfortunately feels just like filler. While VT is a cool character with her love of heavy metal, strong sense of justice, and cool cat companion, the episode’s plot is extremely empty and honestly boring. After the whole debacle at the bar, which are scenes I definitely enjoyed, don’t get me wrong, the episode just becomes so plain without any brilliance or depth of the episodes that came before it.

scarlet - After Sympathy for the Devil, Heavy Metal Queen is a bit of a disappointment. By contrast, it just seems unintentionally slapdash. Its events don’t really accomplish anything beyond making Jet more of a supporting character and less of a sidekick, though that’s an almost accidental development.
Rating: 76/100

Gen - Despite its ending up this low, this session actually grew on me upon rewatch. While I might loathe her music tastes VT is actually a pretty cool chick, and I like her companion, Zeros. Sure, you can smell her backstory coming from ten miles away as soon as she reveals her distaste for bounty hunters, but the fact that she goes out of her way to help the Bebop crew out of a sticky situation, even invoking a network of other space truckers in the process, makes Victoria okay in my book.

charon - Eh, this one didn't do much for me. VT isn't super interesting and I just didn't really think an episode with this title needed to be so heavy handed with the music choice either. The most memorable thing is also one of the oddest to me, where Spike mentions her dead husband after discovering her identity. In usual fashion he likes to be broke so he doesn't take anything but the original money he bet, which of course if done wrong annoys me with the series, but here he also mentions the rest of the money is for the dude up in heaven? Yeah, I don't know. That line just didn't strike me as very much in character and was a little jarring.

Karo - Here we have forgettable story about truckers or something and going after an equally forgettable bounty with a forgettable ally and some stuff blows up.
But the real blasphemy here is that the show's excellent soundtrack is polluted by random swaths of butt metal all throughout the episode. I don't care if there is an in-story reason for it, or that it is usually done for laughs, keep that s*** out of my Bebop you f*** f***ing f***ers f***ety f*** f***.
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User Info: StifledSilence

3 weeks ago#75
Wowwwww most of you are awful

johnbobb knows what’s up though
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User Info: JONALEON1

3 weeks ago#76

Stifled - 48
Wickle - 42
Johnbobb - 40
Ermine - 39
Karo - 28
Snake - 22
charon - 18
Gen - 16
KBM - 16
Inviso - 15
scarlet - 12
JONA - 10

Stifled trucks on by past Wickle and rocks his way to the top.
Advokaiser was wiser against all the other Gurus!

User Info: Inviso

3 weeks ago#77
Huh. Maybe I'll only be middling in the outlier, instead of winning the outlier.
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User Info: Johnbobb

3 weeks ago#78
StifledSilence posted...
Wowwwww most of you are awful

johnbobb knows what’s up though

high five

this one hurt
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User Info: Zigzagoon

3 weeks ago#79
Losing my #1 hurt
Not much to talk about with this episode really. I'm just sad that a metal-centric episode wasn't one of the more memorable ones.
I've decided to put my fears behind me. I'm not going back.
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