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  3. Zelda plays Danganronpa for the first time (spoilers)

User Info: profDEADPOOL

4 weeks ago#51
"Let's all go play nagasaki. We can all get vaporized. Hold my hand, let's turn to ash. I'll see you on the other side."

User Info: Mewtwo59

4 weeks ago#52
Yeah, Rebuttal Showdown in DR2 was designed for a controller. Thankfully, they changed it in V3 so it works with either a controller or mouse.
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User Info: kevwaffles

4 weeks ago#53
Ah, that makes sense. I've used a controller for these games.
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

4 weeks ago#54
Change of PoV! That's new. Poor Hina is on the verge of mental breakdown. Time for some donuts. Surely nothing will ruin her nighttime me-AAAAAAAAAAAH!

The next generation legend! Stand tall, galatic hero. - Huh.

Celeste thinks the outside world sucks. But Mifune misses his 2D. I feel ya, bro.

Genocide Jill wants to socialize. I approve of that.

New floor! And a game room. Monokuma won't add new magazines because apparently magazines don't exist anymore. At least there is 2D now, I guess.

Three dead kids smiling together on a picture. The plot thickens. Are they still alive? Or maybe those people already knew each other before? Or have we had our memories erased, maybe? Or it's just a fake picture to scare us?

"The Tragedy". Okay. And looks like there is as explanation to how we got fresh air with all those sealed rooms. Not that I was thinking about it, but nice detail in world design.

There is a camera on the table. It has the same little fairy from the chapter opening screen. Probably how the mysterious picture got taken, I assume.

GJ likes her formaldehyde. I can't relate, but it's cute I guess.

Sakura is so badass she flashes blue light when angry. I'm fully expecting her to go SSJ eventually.

Poor Taka still catatonic. You know, I thought Taka was a boring cliche from school anime, so if this takes him to some character development I welcome it.

The camera is from Mifune, but Celeste will hold it That's totally going to become a piece of eviedence at some point, won't it.

So this reaction mechanic (the purple words) sounded cool at first, but it seems it's only used in a very linear way. I imagine it could be used to hold more complicated arguments with characters, but they haven't developed that yet.

So the ghost was an AI. And here I am complaining they didn't use Chihiro's programming skills for anything. Except he is dead, but his creation lives on. And he had found a room with no cameras and was using it to plot against the Mastermind. Nice work, Chihiro.

(I just wrote this entire paragraph in female pronouns then remembered the gender thing existed. I'll go with male ones by default, I guess).

Mifune agrees Chihiro is waifu material. He is a disgusting otaku but he keeps being relatable.

Monokuma wants us to do the classic girl's bath peek anime scene. It somehow doesn't backfire.

Monokuma introduces capitalism to the game. We are Mother 3 now. Except this looks like the weakest motive, by far. Money feels irrelevant compared to all the psychological trauma those kids have been subjected to. If they won't kill to be set free from this hell, would money change things?

Kyoko dares people to come kill her. She remains the best character, despite Celeste, Byakuya, GJ and Sakura's efforts.

User Info: azuarc

4 weeks ago#55
_SecretSquirrel posted...
kevwaffles posted...
Yeah I don't remember Rebuttal Showdown being all that bad. Maybe V3's version was better and I'm remembering that, though?

Rebuttal Showdown was pretty damn bad on PC for me, as I never really figured out how to do diagonal slashes on the keyboard.

Wait, you can do diagonal slashes? Man, those instructions were horrible.
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User Info: tcaz2

4 weeks ago#56
I thought rebuttal showdown was fine personally, never had issues with it
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

4 weeks ago#58
GTM posted...
just beat danganronpa v3 yippee can't wait till the next one

I hope you're patient, then...
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 weeks ago#59
Bump. Still alive, just trying to do other things but play this game all day.

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 weeks ago#60
Free time! And no railroading, it seems. So I talk to Hifumi and and get a new skill.

Taka wants to see the AI. I take him there, and the AI turns into Mondo and uses Bro Talk to snap Taka out of it. He's now a saiyajin. I'm fully expecting him challenge Sakura to a fight or something.

Hifumi is going to the AI room to get his 2D fix. I don't know if I laugh or feel bad for him. Taka also wants the AI and almost goes into a battle with Hifumi for it (which I would have liked to see). Sakura reminds them who the boss is.

Free time, I and somehow get scammed by Hiro into paying to have my future read. At least he's likely dieing so I won't have to pay, and I got another skill. Man, his character really doesn't click to me. I guess I like him when he's in his "chill dude" mode, but when he's pretending he can see gods and ghosts it's just silly.

I am on the way to talk to Taka to fill the blanks in the character list, but I bump into GJ and now I wanna listen this this amazing character instead. But then I give her a pair of scissors and she apparently hates it. Conversation over. What the f***?

Byakua wants to know about the AI, but we aren't letting him in because he's a dick. But GJ wants that dick. Somehow I ship it.

Chatting with Byakuya next. I give him a videogame where you become a god that crushes people. He loves it. Heh. But then the rest of the talk is just him being a dick again. Got a new skill, though.

I went through the whole list, and the game doesn't let me talk to Taka. So let's do Kyoko again. I give her a cool self-destructing tape. It works. She says her dad works for some kind of secret service, or something. That's the most I can get from her, though. I guess in order to be the MVP of this game you have to be secretive and paranoid. I mean, if I were a potential killer, I'd be afraid of picking Kyoko as a target.

Ok, before the next body shows let's make the guess. I'm gonna go with Hifumi. He and Taka got a lot of development later, but Taka has this whole new character who could give us more. While Hifume is as one-dimensional as he could be.
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  3. Zelda plays Danganronpa for the first time (spoilers)
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