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Ughhhh Ken Cuccinelli. f*** that guy.

As Attorney General of Virginia he went after a UVA professor for "defrauding the taxpayer" because he was researching climate change (Cuccinelli himself is a UVA alum, so bonus douche points there!).
Congrats to Advokaiser for winning the CBX Guru Challenge!

I'd file this one under "prison f***-up" myself, but what do I know... maybe the Clintons were there with tranquilizer darts!!
Congrats to Advokaiser for winning the CBX Guru Challenge!
Never blame on malice what can be equally explained by incompetence/stupidity.

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User Info: JeffreyRaze

1 week ago#324
Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
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”Trade wars are good and easy to win”
Congrats to Advokaiser for winning the CBX Guru Challenge!

User Info: Reg

1 week ago#326
Didn't that happen back in like December?

User Info: red sox 777

red sox 777
1 week ago#327
We haven't had a recession in 10 years. It's an unnaturally long period of time to not have a recession. Obviously trade wars would hurt the economy in the short run but if we win the trade war it will help in the long run.

Trump is right - the Chinese plan is probably to hold out until the 2020 elections and hope the Democrats win. Then the new Democratic president will sign a new trade deal that is essentially capitulation.
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User Info: xp1337

1 week ago#328

DOJ is urging the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to change its position and tell SCOTUS that businesses can discriminate against transgender employees without violating the law.

EEOC probably doesn't play ball with this. It's a 2-1 Republican majority (2 vacancies) but one of the Republicans is on the record of defending the EEOC's opinion, but DOJ is trying to get them to flip. Though there's some talk the EEOC General Counsel might be able to sign on to DOJ's position without the support of the committee. DOJ has until Friday to prepare its argument.
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User Info: ChaosTonyV4

1 week ago#329
Phantom Dust.
"I'll just wait for time to prove me right again." - Vlado

User Info: Jakyl25

1 week ago#330
I feel like Joe Rogan would probably end up walking off the set after 30 minutes of trying to wrangle Biden vs Trump
Thank you, Eddie Guerrero.
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