2 months ago #66
Day 17 Results!

[Undertale - Battle Against a True Hero] 14-14 [Killer Instinct (2013) - Village of Whispers]
[Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life] 15-14 [Vision Soft Reset - Chronic Duel]
[Rewrite - Philosophyz] 14-14 [Guilty Gear X - The Original]

Yup... a double tie! Due to this, both of the tiebreakers will be run tomorrow alongside the next winners match.


Future Matches:

Winners Tiebreak: #1 Undertale (Alt. Dummy!) vs #33 Killer Instinct (2013) (Alt. .execute)
Snubs Tiebreak: #21 Rewrite (Alt. Raised Bed) vs #44 Guilty Gear X (Alt. Blue Water Blue Sky)
Losers Round 2: #64 Final Fantasy IX (#4 Hunter's Chance) awaits the result of Drakengard 3 vs CrossCode