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User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#21
Song: The Sims 2 Main Theme
Game: The Sims 2
Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh
Nominator: Raka_Putra
Score: 19 (1.4/0.4/1/1)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF90l7zWHMg

Royalty free commercial background music Cheerful1.mp3
I don’t like how the instruments interact with each other here. They don’t go together very well, and the way the leading is switched between them seemingly at random is disorienting. Something I find interesting about this is the way phrases play out. The first phrase is four measures long as expected, but the second is six measures, followed by four, two, and six, after which the pattern repeats. This is pretty odd and doesn’t fit nicely back into a divisor of four, which makes the piece just a little more unpredictable.

Did you know Mark Mothersbaugh also composed the soundtrack for the LEGO Movie? I thought it was pretty good overall.

User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#22
Song: Bowser's Battle!
Game: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Nominator: Zyzyx0
Score: 23 (2/0.4/0.2/2)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6daPF-SikY

It’s mario!!!!!! I don’t like his instruments, although to be honest the strings aren’t terrible. the brass is just REEAALLY bad.
I’m inclined to think that based on the name this is a final boss song, but as I’m not really familiar with the M&L games I’m not going to make that judgement.
This is a pretty repetitive but intense piece.

Also is it just me or does the initial melody vaguely sound like this line from Panic! at the Disco - Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHqGPsYxcNM&t=55
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: banshiryuu

4 months ago#23
Grieves, Destruction, Mutation, Collapses, Solitude, Death, Evil, Regret, Fragile, Nirvana, Laziness, Mirage, Desire, Impulse, Inking, Stagnation, Whisper, Curse, Despair, Ruin, Sacrifice, World, Convict, Suffering, Sneers, Admonition, Mad, Degeneration

User Info: azuarc

4 months ago#24
RIP Mithra (2010-2019) -- https://imgur.com/BPHmoKM

User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#25
Song: Uprising - Final Battle
Game: Overwatch
Composer: Derek Duke, Neal Acree, Sam Cordon, Cris Velasco
Nominator: GammaDelta
Score: 33 (0/1.4/2.4/2.8)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ2H6xjHaAY

Generic intense orchestral schmuck, but it gets the “final battle” job done okay. The small bit of blending between natural and sequenced instruments/sounds is handled pretty well though.

User Info: Haste_2

4 months ago#26
Psh. Final Battle had four composers. Obviously it must be amazing!

(just kidding. I'm sure it was the OST as a whole that had four composers)

Oh, yeah, and when I said "nevermind" I wasn't referring to anything I said about The Sky, The Clouds, and You. I was just referring to that I thought I nominated a certain song, but it wasn't nominated. And while on that subject again, when I first encountered that track in Xenogears, I thought it was dumb/cutesey/generic, too. It took a few years for it to grow on me, no joke.
Congrats to Advokaiser on pwning me in CBX!

User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#27
Song: Colosseum
Game: Devil May Cry
Composer: Masami Ueda, Misao Senbongi, Masato Koda
Nominator: Snake5555555555
Score: 37 (0/1/3/3.4)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNHvP2wFALw

I thought Devil May Cry was supposed to have more rock-like music, but I guess it’s sort of like Bayonetta in that some of its music is popular remix fodder, some is based heavily on church music, and some is ominous and ambient, like this piece, though even Bayonetta’s more ambient tracks are pretty melody-driven, whereas this piece rides its ambience to the max. That’s extremely admirable, but myself being not a really big fan of empty ambience, it doesn’t engage me a lot. A touch I really like about this is that it’s possible to hear a crowd chanting and cheering at 0:59 and other points, which really adds to the "impending danger" effect.

User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#28
Song: They're Approaching / Low on Ammo Theme
Game: Alien Sky
Composer: Vakhtang Adamiya
Nominator: FL81
Score: 39 (1/2.4/1.8/2.6)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cshq4R7d_k

Wow they sure are approaching. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with this. It’s just completely uninteresting to me.

User Info: cakophon

4 months ago#29
Song: Strange Occurences
Game: Epic Battle Fantasy 5
Composer: Phyrnna
Nominator: Shonen_Bat
Score: 40 (0/2/2.4/3.6)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo7lv3P0uwY

This is another example of not being BAD or anything. It’s just not GOOD. In fact it’s not really much of anything. One part I do think stands out is the line introduced at 0:54: its more mobile pace gives the song some much needed variety.

User Info: NFUN

4 months ago#30
at least it's a better rep than TPF Trans
Video Game Music Contest 14 winner: Terraria Calamity - Scourge of the Universe
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