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User Info: Dedue

4 weeks ago#321
Finally went and caught up on O Maidens.

Up until halfway through yesterday's episode, I was at a total loss as to how there could only be one more episode after this.

And then...yeah.

This show is great.

User Info: Dedue

4 weeks ago#322
Dammit I was totally willing to spoil myself with the manga but the scans aren't even close to up to date.

User Info: profDEADPOOL

4 weeks ago#323
So uh Fruits Basket is... Wow. This went places I in no way expected.
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User Info: Maniac64

4 weeks ago#324
profDEADPOOL posted...
So uh Fruits Basket is... Wow. This went places I in no way expected.

My wife and I are loving it but don't have a crunchy roll subscription so we will see it next week. I hope its a good surprise and not a bad one.

As for Haikyuu, definitely think its over for Karasuno unfortunately. I at least hope we get to see the other matches to the end similar to how we've seen other places matches throughout nationals. This is probably the end though and that is sad.
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User Info: _PandaMaster_

4 weeks ago#325
Pokemon Sun/Moon episode 139
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User Info: pyresword

4 weeks ago#326
Up through episode 10 of Kimetsu no Yaiba

--This mafia looking demon is an absolute f***ing piece of s*** and I love it.

--I really wish the show didn't do this hypnosis thing with Nezuko. Kind of undermines some of her development and at the same time just feels like a convenient way to avoid what could have been one of the most compelling conflicts of the story.
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User Info: pjbasis

4 weeks ago#327
Yeah I could have left that plot point out completely and believed everything else so far anyway.


I'm hyped for the song, was expecting jazzy so not surprised but that's good s***
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User Info: Dedue

3 weeks ago#329
Max hype.

Speaking of next season, Anichart sure does have Psycho-Pass 3 on the chart still...

User Info: WhiteLens

3 weeks ago#330
So anyone watching Promare today or on Thursday?
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