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User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#401
Wait wtf that wasn't even the highest total lol. Another team beat them by 4, led by michael thomas, aaron jones, and will fuller.

What a f***in week

User Info: Reg

1 month ago#402
turbopuns3 posted...
Deshaun Watson, 60
Amari Cooper, 60

What rules do you have that resulted in this? My work league is full PPR with small bonuses for every 100 yards and they both went for 40-45

User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#403
I just now looked into the scoring settings for this league in detail. I was asked to join last minute as a favor so hadn't checked before.

So...yeah the bonuses are kinda ridiculous lmao

+3 at 300 passing yards
+4 at 400 passing yards
+2 for 40+ yard passing TD

+5 at 100 rushing yards
+10 at 200 rushing yards
+5 for 40+ yard rushing TD

+5 at 100 receiving yards
+10 at 200 reveiving yards
+5 for 40+ yard receiving TD

User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#404
Who's ready to watch Chubb and Landry combine for 71 tonight?

User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#405
Is this trade too insane even for a team that's 0-5 and can't afford to go another day without getting a WR?

Give: zeke, landry
Get: kupp, k. johnson

my RBs then would be: Chubb, Gordon, K. Johnson, Hyde

My WRs then would be: Kupp, Juju, Diggs (barf), Anderson

User Info: MysteriousStan

1 month ago#406
Kupp is a Top 5 fantasy WR. You still have a Top 5 RB option in Chubb and will be getting Kerryon in the deal who has been pretty solid this year and you won't have to deal with his Bye week while Zeke still has his coming up. If Gordon can get going I'd say that's a solid lineup. So yeah, don't think that's a crazy trade at all.

I'd also probably try and sell high on JuJu and see if anyone bites. I'm not high on any WR who's going to be playing with a 3rd string QB regardless of how talented they are.
I bet on Baker and OBJ.

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User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#408
Tempted to move Gordon before he has a chance to disappoint.

Someone is offering Breida and Fitzgerald right now and I'm tempted...I feel like I'm just slightly overpaying, however, I think it might be the only offer I get and Gordon's value could potentially go down.

User Info: LiquidOshawott

1 month ago#409
looking to trade running backs for wide receivers

User Info: beavis666x2

1 month ago#410
Don't check the fantasy scores for my team all day. Check now and i have 2 players score over 30 points. that was a good day.
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