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User Info: turbopuns3

4 weeks ago#351
It just occurred to me.

Last week, on the last play of the game, stefon diggs threw a lateral at 0:00 in a desperation play, which bounced around and got recovered by the packers to end the game.

This counts as a fumble lost. That's -2 points.

I lost by 1.4 points.

Sometimes I don't understand people.

* Person whines about getting Cam Newton via autodraft and he's trash
* I didn't pay attention and drafted 2 QBs with same bye week (late season so likely didn't matter)
* I offer the person Cousins for Newton and we can switch a WR or something to balance the trade. They decline
* I drop Cousins for Rudolph (16 team league, QB2 depth sucks)
* Person immediately drops Newton for Cousins on waivers

Like just do the f***ing trade and don't waste your waiver order (they were #1 waiver)

User Info: beavis666x2

3 weeks ago#353
Antonio Brown has no team again.
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User Info: HanOfTheNekos

3 weeks ago#354
Convince me against running John Brown instead of Brandin Cooks.

Cooks is more big play dependent and hasn't gotten a fair target share, and is going against Browns.

John Brown has 7 receptions in both games so far this season, and gets the Bengals.

Could run both, but I'd be dropping either Frank Gore, Chubb, or Ekeler for it, and none of those are attractive options to not run.
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User Info: LiquidOshawott

3 weeks ago#355
I guess I'm lucky I got Dak so that I don't feel bleh about drafting Cam at like eighth

User Info: turbopuns3

3 weeks ago#356
I have Rivers/Allen stack in one league and my opponent has Rivers/Allen stack in the other league. Both matchups are super close. Idk how to feel.
My fantasy team dropped their pants collectively and s*** out a turd on this week.
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User Info: turbopuns3

3 weeks ago#358
In my two leagues I used the exact same source material and strategy, etc. while drafting. In one league I'm 0-3, dead last in points (out of 10) and in the other I'm 2-1, 2nd in points (out of 12). Good s***! I swear my 0-3 team is going to turn it around any day now...

User Info: MysteriousStan

3 weeks ago#359
f***, what an awful game by Gurley. I was feeling pretty good about my chances heading into Sunday night but now I'm only up by 10.4 heading into Monday night and he has Allen Robinson left to play. As a Bears fan, I'm hoping the other Bears players get in on the action instead this week...

Also, I hate my work league. I feel like I drafted very well this year and last year and I'm going to start 0-3 again. My team is good! Ryan/Julio stack, Kittle, and Chubb are a good core and my complimentary players are fine too and my opponent scored 175 this week! Last year I was probably the only person who drafted Gurley and missed the playoffs (it was my first time doing a 10 team league though but still). Grrr...oh well, at least I made some money in daily fantasy today.

User Info: Nanahara715

3 weeks ago#360
Might get my first win in the B8 league after starting the season against literally the top 3 highest scoring teams.
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