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User Info: MC_XD

4 weeks ago#1
Welcome the VGMGG Compatibility Project! Or Rate the VGM 2.0, if you would prefer. This is a project is a revival of the old Rate the VGM project, this time hosted by myself (aka DireKrow) and rwlh. You may have seen us voting in VGMC.

The project aims to provide an opportunity for people to better understand their own taste in VGM, and to see which other individuals in the community share their opinions on music the most. The similarity (or compatibility) between people is calculated over time through song ratings contributed by the community. In addition, this project also serves as another opportunity to discuss songs you like, share interesting songs you've found, and discover new music you haven't heard.

The main hub of the project is on Discord. If you're interested, please considering joining the server for it here: - Joining is not required, though. We would like to open the floor to as many people as possible, which is what this thread is for.

Project Structure

1. People nominate songs they'd like to see rated.
2. Nominations are semi-randomly selected each day.
3. People rate the daily selected nominations out of 10.
4. The scores are added to the compatibility sheet and the compatibilities are calculated.
5. People view the results, the compatibilities, and discuss them.

This thread may be used for all of these things. You can nominate songs, you can rate the daily songs, and discuss whatever you want to discuss.

The results can be viewed using this spreadsheet: - Pick a username in the top left, and it'll show you that user's results table in the middle, ranking how similar they are to everyone else in the project from most similar to least similar. Just be aware it may take several seconds to update, depending on your connection and device.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

User Info: MC_XD

4 weeks ago#2

- The project's goal is to determine the compatibility of the different participants, not to find the 'best song'. Nominate with variety as your focus; songs with different sounds, paces, moods, and so on.
- Do not stick exclusively to songs you love. Songs you don't love are just as important for determining compatibility. For example, pick ones you think would result in interesting, different opinions.
- There is no limit to the number of songs you can nominate. However, nominating more songs will not result in your songs showing up more often. Songs will be selected to maximize variety in nominator.
- Songs you nominate must originate from a game. There is no restrictions aside from that. Check the spreadsheet to make sure you're not nominating something that's already been nominated.
- To nominate a song, post your nominations here. The format for nominations is GAMENAME | SONGNAME | URL, where | is a delimiter of your choice. Your username will be used on the sheet - if you want a different name, let us know.

A list of nominations and previously featured songs can be found here:


- Each day (around 7-8PM eastern), two songs will be highlighted from among the current nominations. Once the songs are posted, you're free to post your ratings of those two songs. The rating should be a number between 0 and 10, inclusive. Decimals are allowed. Make sure you're clear what rating you're giving to what song.
- If you want to provide a comment or writeup with your rating, you're free to do so. This is not expected or required, however.
- At the each of the day, the ratings will be collected and added to the compatibility spreadsheet.
- You may abstain from rating for any reason. If you miss days, you may resume at any time without having to go back and rate the ones you missed (unless you want to). If you rate songs from older days, make it clear in your post what songs you are providing ratings for.

It is important for the accuracy of the compatibilities that everyone uses similar number ranges to indicate songs they like and dislike. Do you best to be self-consistent in the way you rate. Bare in mind the following definitions:

- A song you rate 0 should be among the worst VGM you've ever heard and have no redeemable qualities in your eyes.
- A song you rate 5 should be one you feel indifferent or mixed about; you don't clearly like or dislike it overall.
- A song you rate 10 should be among the best VGM you've ever heard and be exemplary in every regard in your eyes.
- Therefore, the range 0-5 is for songs you generally dislike, while 5-10 is for songs you generally like.

User Info: MC_XD

4 weeks ago#3
Today's songs to rate:

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 - Burning Away -
Reah: Face the Unknown - Electrical Tunnels -

User Info: Pacific

4 weeks ago#4
This is so exciting! Will be ranking later, just popping in to say that I _LOVE this idea and can't wait to see how it unfolds!
It was super-effective!

User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#5
Posting to stay in my active messages
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy

User Info: pyresword

4 weeks ago#6
Tag, though most of my input will probably be through Discord in this case.
Oh woops. Putting Advokaiser in my sig like this until I think of something more clever

User Info: Sceptilesolar

4 weeks ago#7
Tag, I liked this a lot last time. Will participate for sure.
Just killing time until the world ends.

User Info: FL81

4 weeks ago#8
I've said it before, but Rate the VGMusic was always one of my favorite VGM projects here.

User Info: MC_XD

4 weeks ago#9
Also people in the discord are free to rate / nominate here instead if they wish now that this is a thing. Wherever is more convenient.

User Info: NowItsAngeTime

4 weeks ago#10
Blazblue: Central Fiction - conciliation
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