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  3. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night launch trailer #IGAvania #shovelknight

User Info: Nanis23

3 weeks ago#21
It's out

User Info: paperwarior

3 weeks ago#22
Nanis23 posted...
ninkendo posted...
"Embargo is going to be launch day because we have a sizable launch patch that has various bug fixes, optimization and balance improvements, and the first free DLC. I know sometimes games that are hot trash embargo reviews until after launch so they can pull a fast one on folks, but I promise that's not what we're doing, we just want to put our best foot forward. :) I also think the days of that happening are becoming increasingly rare, maybe one day will be extinct as a shi*** practice, since customers are only getting smarter and they're already smart. That and refund systems are becoming pretty commonplace."

I don't get this
This is when the embargo lift, but they expect the reviewers to play the game on the exact same day and finish it on the exact same day and write a review on the exact same day?

The reviewers don't have to publish their reviews today. There are none on Metacritic yet. I think they just didn't want the possibility of reviews being published before the patch.
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User Info: Snrkiko

3 weeks ago#23
Movement looks kinda iffy still but I am tepidly excited.
And theeen, we do stuff like, 'Persona!' with our Personas and beat the crap outta Shadows...

User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#24

User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#25
Congratulations army of the night! Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is now available on PC, PS4 and XB1! Switch will launch next Tuesday on June 25th.

Today marks the launch of the game, but it's only the beginning: Coming very soon you'll see the “Speed Demon Update,” which includes the first 3 of 13 FREE DLCs! Boss Rush Mode, Speed Run Mode and the Pure Miriam Outfit will all await you in-game on PC today; the teams are working in turbo mode to get this update on PS4 and Xbox One asap, and we’ll be updating everyone as we learn more.

It’s been a long road to get here and everyone at 505 Games wants to thank all of the dedicated and passionate backers, volunteers and fans who helped make this day become a reality.

There’ll be more updates from us and Fangamer as we continue delivery of backer goods, game copies for Switch next week, and resolve shipping and logistics issues as they may arise, and especially as we continue to work on the delay in Asia/Japan as a top priority.

We’ve got an incredibly bright future planned for Bloodstained, with so many surprises and awesome stuff you wouldn’t believe it if I told you about all of it right now. I know I speak for everyone at 505 when I say it’s been an honor and a privilege to work to the benefit of all backers and Bloodstained in general, and our dedication and passion is only going to increase from here!

Congratulations again to everyone, Bloodstained is here…IGAVANIA IS BACK - AND IT’S HERE TO STAY!

Roberto Piraino


Global Brand Manager-505 Games

P.S. – Everyone is absolutely prohibited from using the following words as names for their save files. Using the following words may result in crystallization of the skin, an uncontrollable desire to battle evil, and an urge to strike bizarre poses:


NIGHTMARE (!warning-spoilers!)

I’ve also been informed that prominent YouTubers from the Credit Clans may be in possession of other prohibited words…

User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#26

User Info: GranzonEx

3 weeks ago#27
how long to plat
2 line break(s), 160 characters allowed

User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#28

now I'm playing Fashionvania

User Info: Anagram

3 weeks ago#29
When do you get the ability to change hair and stuff?
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User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#30
not too long after the 2nd boss fight. You'll find a room with a haircutting demon
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