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No to Kelly Campbell. KCF cheated. Product of the system. Etc, etc....
"Rinoa...Even if you end up as the world's enemy. I'll...I'll be your knight."
I'm sure people are aware by now that I am always open to trading but now that the season has ticked over I'm reminding people that these players are potentially available.

G Jonathan Fletcher (90 OVR - 25yo)
QB Michael Turner (84 OVR - 27yo)
FS Corey Campbell (88 OVR - 31yo) or the younger FS Tashaun Gipson (84 OVR - 27yo)
MLB Bryan Vinson (86 OVR - 29yo)

I could also probably be persuaded to part with one of my WRs (Meachem 91 OVR and O'Neal 85 OVR). I'm mainly looking for draft picks or a high end DE

Using last seasons ratings (because not everyone has been updated but above OVRs and Ages are accurate for those players at least) this is where those OVRs rank compared against the league

90 OVR Guard = Joint 21st (through to 30th)
84 OVR QB - 30th
88 OVR FS = Joint 13th (through to 15th)
84 OVR FS = Joint 26th (through to 28th)
86 OVR MLB = Joint 16th (through to 17th)
91 OVR WR = Joint 3rd (through to 8th)
85 OVR WR = Joint 25th (through to 49th)

I don't think OVRs are the be all and end all but just giving them for reference
(edited 4 weeks ago)
Just updating my spreadsheets and I know 3 teams have been updated (Wildcats, Panthers, Steelers). Seems like some Wildcats had stellar years ratings jump wise

Tyson Alualu dropped from 80 to 79 in his rookie season but bounced back to 83 this season
Robert Quinn stayed idle at 83 in his rookie season but jumped to 85 this season
Avery Williamson continues to be probably the steal of the draft jumping to 84 (projected 4th-5th and started as a 76)

Wildcats now have 2x 84 rated OLBs who are only 24/25 yo and OLB is one of the weaker positions in the league where 84 is ~30th rated in the league but ~64th rated (I.e. back end OLB2) is a lowly 77.

Steelers and Panthers ratings jumps for draftees in the last 2 seasons far duller and nothing really notable. I guess Breeland is partially notable for going 77 > 78 if only because he was a 74 after preseason (which I'm sure happens more frequently than we know but I have no intention of making KCF giving us notable preseason jumps/drops)

User Info: MegamanX

4 weeks ago#54
*Falcons press conference starts*

Press: Who are you voting for the hof?

Me: Campbell - Yes
Tauscher - Yes
Bell - No

Press: Why not Bell

Me: We don't vote cowboys thats gross #bias

Press: Sir did you just hashtag?

User Info: ScareChan

4 weeks ago#55
Yes to all for HoF
2/3 Niners how can I not 🤷‍♂
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User Info: Ranlom

4 weeks ago#56
Campbell - Yes
Tauscher - No
Bell - No
Reyes - Yes
DeAngelo Williams - Yes
Forward, Relentlessly
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Just realized that in his record breaking season, Bell had over 100 more carries than the actual record for most carries in a season...
"Rinoa...Even if you end up as the world's enemy. I'll...I'll be your knight."
I have to assume they had a ridiculously run heavy strategy that season as I'm typically a run heavy team and even when my RB1 stays healthy for the full season he ends up with about 400-430 carries which is still crazy high considering that's just carries and not touches.

This version of Madden does favor the run though. The league leading passers are usually ~3000-3500 yards and ~25-30 TDs whereas the league leading rusher is usually 1800+ yards and it's not unusual to have 5+ RB's at like 1500+ yards for the season.
I'm going to vote no for almost everyone for like the next 5 seasons just so I have a better idea of what the criteria will be for getting in (I'm assuming that they'll still be on the ballot in the future if they don't make it in their first year). Also, voting no for Kelly Campbell since Dolphins players are well known for their ties to PED usage, and I cannot in good conscience endorse such behavior.

User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#60
It was inferred but not said outright, but it will probably be a one-time chance for all players. Otherwise I will have to remember and record career stats and everything, and that just seems unnecessary.

Because this is a static era (no rule changes, no coaching philosophy changes, etc...), timing is irrelevant. If a retired player had or did not have a Hall of Fame caliber career, that will be the same now or ten seasons later. The only difference is that the players now have 11 years of experience while future players could have as much as 20.
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