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User Info: LiquidOshawott

1 month ago#311
Phew, thought deadline was today and I’ve been sick all weekend

Looking to get a little younger, was thinking of trading down but I figure I might as well wait until the board’s up
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User Info: MysteriousStan

1 month ago#312
...The Titans of all teams have holdouts? Man, I leave them in the AI's control for one season and the players think that without my iron fist guiding them they can demand whatever they want? How bold of them.

If Cushing is one of those players then that one's not on me as I didn't sign him to his current deal. Of the other players that I could see holding out...yeah those are probably on me. KCF said in his little blurb during signups that the Titans were a true project for a reason!
I don't have contract issues, just delusional players that think they deserve new contracts after winning, what, five games last season? We can't do much worse. I hope they enjoy their unpaid vacations.
"Rinoa...Even if you end up as the world's enemy. I'll...I'll be your knight."

User Info: KCF0107

1 month ago#314
Bears receive:
RG Anthony Castonzo (90 overall, 26 years old)
Steelers 2nd round pick (58th overall)

Steelers receive:
RG Cedric Dockery (87 overall, 30 years old)
RE Melvin Ingram (81 overall, 22 years old)
Bears 4th round pick (104th overall)

Steelers incur a $1.78 mil cap penalty to make an originally $8.51 mil cap hit into $7.37 mil this season
Bears incur a $2.55 mil cap penalty to make an originally $9.02 mil cap hit into $6.73 mil this season

Both Shattered and Stan demonstrated they knew what they were giving up and receiving, the financial implications, and were aware of the past histories of all players. Ingram was a 1st round pick just last season, so his production is light as a backup in his rookie season. Dockery and Castonzo both have approximately the same career block:sack ratio, though Dockery has played exclusively at G while Castonzo was a recent convert to G and played all along the OL during his career.

The Bears seek more offensive stability by making an already elite OL even better as they implement their third starting QB since the start of last season and maybe a new starting HB. They also find great value for parting with their first round pick from last season who was set to sit on the bench for likely couple more seasons. They also move up almost 50 spots in the draft to the second round to help infuse young talent in a team that has lost some quality players to retirement in recent seasons.

The Steelers get a little older and lower rating at RG but with similiar production. They were also able to save a little over $1 mil in cap space while filling two holes in the process with the possibility of finding two long-term starters, including a 22-year-old DE. The Steelers also have more flexibility with whom to choose with the 10th pick.

As per trade reform, this trade is official (it was yesterday but didn't have an opportunity to do so until now).
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
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User Info: KCF0107

1 month ago#315
FYI, if we are to keep the traditional Friday-Sunday live draft, it will have to be from July 26th-28th. I will have the draft prospect sheet ready on Monday the 22nd. We could break tradition and push the draft just a little bit, but I do not believe that I will be able to make it an August 2nd-4th draft.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
That works fine for me. Really it's the people who can't attend and have to send you a strategy that would be the concern as they would only have 4 days to send it. Any any draft position moves would have to be quick.

Otherwise you would be looking at either A. A gap to the draft or B. Not doing the draft on consecutive days?

User Info: profDEADPOOL

1 month ago#317
I would have trouble getting in my plans with that short notice, and I prolly can't make the draft live at all, so I would prefer a bit more time if possible.
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Also want to remind people I have the following picks and I am looking to package together 2 or more picks together to move up

1st - Pick 10
2nd - Pick 25
4th - Pick 7
4th - Pick 8
4th - Pick 26
5th - Pick 26
6th - Pick 15
6th - Pick 26

User Info: KCF0107

1 month ago#319
Then we have two options for the live draft.

Option A:
Rounds 1-2 during evening ET on Friday July 26
Rounds 3-4 during afternoon on Saturday July 27
Rounds 5-7 during afternoon on Sunday July 28

Option B:
Rounds 1-2 during afternoon on Sunday July 28
Rounds 3-4 during afternoon on Monday July 29
Rounds 5-7 during evening on Tuesday July 30

I won't stagger days, and I won't delay the draft to late August. I originally had everything planned perfectly for option A, but I felt it necessary for me to take a 2-3 day break from B8NFLL, which delayed the start of UFA. I suppose that I could have shortened the UFA period, but I like giving people a lot of time for that.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy

User Info: Eddv

1 month ago#320
I'd vastly prefer the traditional Friday-saturday-sunday
Board 8's Voice of Reason
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