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User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#101
I just need to update Titans and Redskins team financials, and the spreadsheet will be up-to-date. Expect RFA to start Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.
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User Info: MysteriousStan

4 weeks ago#102
Yay! Can't wait to find out who I'm giving all my picks to in RFA!
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Ok position comparisons sheet is updated. Link below.

For people unfamiliar this sheet basically lists players in order of their OVR by position so you can get a rough idea of where a player stands compared to the rest of the league or for trade purposes. It does not list ages only rating (nor does it factor in production)

Also on the sheet is the 2014 (S10) and 2015 (S11) drafts and their OVR progressions. Plus the anticipated RFA's this season and their OVR. There may be some discrepancy as I don't check to see if a team offered their 2nd-4th rounders a non 3 yr rookie deal (nor do I check if they gave 5th rounders and beyond 3yr deals)
(edited 4 weeks ago)
Also just for fun. Reviews of the positions (will likely take me a while to get around to them all so lets start on offense)


#1 - 99
#5 - 91
#16 - 87
#32 - 83

So an whilst there is a 99 QB there is a bit of a drop off as by the time we are to the 5th highest rated QB we are at 91. 87 is about 'average' for a starting QB and 83 is the bottom end for a starting QB. It seems that we get a couple of rookie starting QBs most seasons but like real life, only a few truly develop to a high level.

Quarterback seems to be a position where we have ~5 elite guys and then beyond that we have a mish mash of guys who are pretty average but might have an odd high end year before regressing to the norm.

Running Back

#1 - 93
#4 - 91
#26 - 88
#33 - 86
#47 - 84
#65 - 81

With the highest rated HB being 93, there is then a large cluster of HBs in that 88-91 range. So realistically a starter level caliber HB is probably an 88. With the high number of injuries that occur at HB, I've included that HB2 cluster where again realistically you probably want an 84+ HB2 in case of injury (or grab one in FA) unless you have a young HB on the roster who is likely to increase in rating from starting.

I actually think this is why Tatum Bell's numbers will be a nice benchmark. The high level of HB OVR's and their availability on the waiver wire means that rookie starting HBs will be rarer than most positions as they are usually prompted by injury. We do still get rookie starters but usually it involves a retirement or an aging expiring HB and a HB falling in the 1st.

Wide Receiver

#1 - 93
#24 - 88
#33 - 85
#65 - 82
#97 - 79

Wide Receiver was a position where I think there was some genuine concern there could be a large drop off once the high end WRs started retiring but I think in recent years that may have changed a little. It's still hard to develop an 88+ WR but we have actually seen it happen whereas ~3-4 seasons ago it seemed most of the WR1's were old and there was a sharp drop off to the younger players.

It seems that you probably want your WR1 to be at least an 88 with WR2's falling in that 82-85 range. WR3's then technically come in that 79-82 range but realistically there's a decent few below that as I know there's a number of teams with multiple sort of 80-83 WRs filling out their slots.

Personal opinion but it seems drafting WRs can be a bit of a crap shoot. A top 10 or so WR might start in the low-mid 80s and develop (or they might not). It seems after that you might get 80-82 WR in the 1st and then from the 2nd to 5th or 6th fall into a 75-80 range. And if they are getting playtime then that 4th or 5th rounder seems to stand as much a chance as the 2nd rounder of developing well.

I guess the same could be said for any position but I think my point is that unless you're getting a very high end WR then the difference between a 2nd round WR and a 5th-6th round WR doesn't seem to be a whole lot.

Full Back

#1 - 99
#17 - 99
#32 - 90

FB is a high OVR rated position for the league whilst also being probably the worst position for OVRs upon draft (2nd round FBs come in at like 72). It seems they develop quickly and is a position that people just set and forget. Although I do remember KCF saying FB is one of the positions the league as a whole really undervalues and a good FB can make a big difference over a bad one.

User Info: Ranlom

3 weeks ago#105
Great work as usual, Shattered. We need to put that with the other links when we make a new topic. It's always annoying to track down after a couple pages lol
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Bookmarks! Or if you go to Google sheets home it shows you all the sheets you have ever opened listed by most recent

User Info: KCF0107

3 weeks ago#107
Restricted Free Agency

This minor but oddly detailed offseason event is for a small subset of players who just completed their untampered rookie contract that was exactly three years in length. These players are not eligible to be originally offered multi-year contracts by the team that holds their rights but instead one-year contracts of fixed figures based on the tender level that you offer them.

Our Tender Levels for this season
No Tender = no potential draft pick compensation = $0
Low Tender = potential original round draft pick compensation = $940k
Mid Tender = potential 1st round draft pick compensation = $2.05 mil
High Tender = potential 1st + 3rd round draft pick compensation = $2.72 mil

Now, the mentioning of draft pick compensation there is only applicable if another team attempts to sign your player. It has no bearing on this first phase of RFA. It wouldn't make much sense if you had to give up draft picks to sign your own player now would it? Newcomers and people who don't have a good memory are certainly free to ask me what round a player was drafted in if that affects their tender level.

That being said, you might want to keep in mind about that draft pick compensation when you determine what tender to offer your player. If you think highly of your player, you might want to offer the highest tender to deter other teams from attempting to sign them. If you don't consider a player to be a part of your future plans, you might want to offer the low tender so that they barely count against your cap space and you could end up even getting draft pick compensation if someone else wants him.

A word of advice from me: The full monetary amount attached to the tenders is NOT GUARANTEED and is usually less than what they would make on the open market, so there is essentially 0 risk to offering all of your players a tender unless you personally hate them with a passion.

You can also engage trade talks with other teams so that you can prearrange a trade that if X player is not signed by another team, you will trade them to Y team for Z compensation that might be lower than what Y team would have had to give up to sign them during RFA. In this scenario, you might want to offer the highest tender level to deter the maximum amount of teams from disrupting the trade.
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User Info: KCF0107

3 weeks ago#108
RFA Rules

1. I will privately contact every user and inform them of their RFAs and the tender levels. If you dont have any RFAs, then you wont be notified.

2. Users will have three days to inform me which players they wish to sign and at what level.

3. I will publicly reveal all RFAs from user and A.I. teams that can be signed by other teams (AKA were offered a tender) plus their tender levels and the base kind of deal they are looking for.

4. I will give users four days to decide any action, if any, they wish to take. If they do wish to take further action, they will PM me.

Now by "any action you wish to take," I mean that everyone has an opportunity to attempt to sign RFAs from other teams. You might see some sticker shock but keep in mind that some positions are more expensive (WRs, DTs, QBs) than others (OLBs, Cs, TEs) relative to their overall rating. An 80 WR will usually be more expensive than a 90 C, and that's just how things are

5. If a team attempts to sign another teams RFA, then the user who owns the RFAs rights will have three days to decide whether or not to match the offer.

The deadline for the first phase (encompassing rule #s 1 + 2) will be Saturday, June 29th at 1 PM ET. As always, do not hesitate to ask me any questions.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
(edited 3 weeks ago)
I have a guy on my team named Travis Touchdown? Is this real?
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User Info: KCF0107

3 weeks ago#110
He was a fake player in one of my imported draft classes. I forget what his actual last name was, but Stan requested that his last name be changed to that, so I allowed it.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
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