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User Info: rwlh

2 months ago#1
Hi! A little while ago I ranked a bunch of video game music. Now I would like to rank video game characters! This was inspired by Snake5555555555’s topic ranking scenes of things, which seemed like a fun idea.

I am not necessarily ranking based on good or bad, but rather how interesting the character seems. I have not played every video game in existence, so I will be determining that criteria based on a number of factors. You are encouraged to supply any relevant info about your nominations that will help me make an informed decision – plot summaries, external links, videos, gifs, etc. Characters should originate from video games and not from other types of media.

I may not want to rank certain characters for certain reasons (most likely spoilers), so keep checking back to see if that applies to one of your nominations.

Everybody gets 3 nominations to start with, potentially more if turnout is low. Again, keep checking back to see if the limit’s been raised.

Happy nominating!

User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#2
An insane mad scientist ruthlessly hunted down by the Organization for being a proponent of freedom and chaos. Play Steins;Gate for more you weeb

but more importantly
while listening to

also play ace attorney you weeb
Video Game Music Contest 13 winner: Terraria Calamity - Servants of the Scourge
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: rwlh

2 months ago#3
Steins;Gate characters are off-limits! Sorry.

User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#4
replace (assuming you dont read sg by then) hououin kyouma with estelle bright also play trails in the sky

Video Game Music Contest 13 winner: Terraria Calamity - Servants of the Scourge
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User Info: kateee

2 months ago#5
Funky Kong (Monkey Kong)
Sunflower (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
Franziska von KARMA (Ace AttorNEY)

User Info: FL81

2 months ago#6
provided respectively with all the info you need to know

Shuckle (Pokémon)

Utsuho Reiuji (Touhou Project)

Hero (Custom Robo)

User Info: MycroProcessor

2 months ago#7
glados (portal)
susie (delta rune)

maybe a 3rd one later

User Info: kaonashi1

2 months ago#8
the links provided for these characters basically spoil the entire game they appear in; read at your own discretion

Henry (Firewatch)
-finding it a bit hard to find a good, thorough synopsis of the character without also getting a take on the character or the dialogue or the ending so I'm going to post a take from Campo Santo itself:

Samantha Greenbriar (Gone Home)
-it's a lot easier to provide a synopsis for this character, as the vast majority of what you find out about her is through journal entries, conveniently provided here in chronological order:

User Info: Snake5555555555

2 months ago#9
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)

Originally a college age student who came to Raccoon City looking for her missing brother Chris, not knowing the city was in ruins and crawling with zombies and monsters. She meets rookie officer Leon Kennedy early on and they form a partnership. Claire is tough and fearless much like her brother, and proficient in firearms. Claire has a snarky attitude at times, especially towards human antagonists like Chief Irons or Alfred Ashford. However, she also has a strong motherly streak and has helped young girls like Sherry, Rani, and Natalia survive various outbreaks.

Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3)

Heather is your typical teenage girl dragged into the madness of Silent Hill due to her mysterious past. Heather was originally Alessa Gillespie, sacrificed by her mother as part of a twisted ritual. Heather is her reincarnated form after the events of SH1. Heather is largely known for her realistic portrayal, acerbic wit, and fiery temper. Heather grows quite considerably throughout the game, at first frightened by the appearance of the Otherworld, but quickly becomes numb to it all. The death of her father sets her off on an intense path of revenge and is a mature, emotional journey for Heather and the player.

Daniella (Haunting Ground)

Daniella is the maid and caretaker of Belli Castle, and initially appears as an ally, albeit a creepy and untrustworthy one, to main protagonist Fiona. In reality, Daniella is quite unstable as a result of her being an "incomplete" woman, and is jealous of Fiona for her innate Azoth, a type of lifeforce in alchemy which all living beings possess. In particular, Daniella is interested in using Fiona's Azoth to become fertile. Daniella also shows signs of self-harm and body dysmorphic disorder, due to the appearance of scars and a hatred of her own reflection, respectively. Daniella perfectly encapsulates some of Haunting Ground's main themes, like female sexuality & identity, and serves as the foil to Fiona.
Listen, suffering is a fact of life. Either you learn how to deal with that or you go under.

User Info: Flamander

2 months ago#10
Game: Gunpoint
Character: Richard Conway

Game: Papers, Please
Character: Jorji Costava

Game: Ghost Trick
Character: Sissel
glacier on discord
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