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  3. Ol Pun Plays Dragon Quest VIII *spoilers*

User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#161
The real Dragoon Quest

User Info: Heroic Bigpun

Heroic Bigpun
1 month ago#162
Waluigi1 posted...
How far in are you now? I haven't played in a while myself. I just met this dude who wants me to hunt specific monsters.

Just got Jessica and shes making us kill some sea monster
pUnny at his phone. Expect tYpos
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User Info: Punnyz

2 weeks ago#164

User Info: Waluigi1

2 weeks ago#165
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User Info: Punnyz

1 week ago#166
so my girlfriend has been moving to another apartment and I've been helping her with that

so many god damn shoes

also theres been some shakedowns behind the scenes at Gamestop corporate so I've been busy with work too

While I don't consider Ovewatch a distraction from DQ (THAT much, its a 5-10 minute shooter match compared to having to commit to an RPG)

I sorta fell off of it for now, so thats not in the picture anymore either

I might have some time today

User Info: ninkendo

1 week ago#167

User Info: Punnyz

1 week ago#168
thats what I like about Texas
for some reason I kept not seeing this topic. TAG.

...this is another JRPG I need to replay. I remember liking - but not loving - it.

Punnyz posted...
also, I forgot how old PS2 is

I forgot that it doesn't have a home button nor can you turn it on from the controller

I'm so spoiled

that said I am experiencing another classic PS2 RPG for the first time and I had this exact same line of thought >_>
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  3. Ol Pun Plays Dragon Quest VIII *spoilers*