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User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#131
Next week! (For character creation)

Claim your clever names!

User Info: Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles
1 month ago#132
Surprised no one bumped this today. Servers are up for claiming your name. Not sure where everyone else is playing but I'm playing on Grobbulus (Alliance). RP servers generally have more pleasant communities from my experience.
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User Info: CoolCly

1 month ago#133
i'm getting super excited about playing this suddenly

I'm thinking Mage.

Honestly I want to play a Warrior, Priest, or Rogue but those are three classes iv put literally thousands of hours into already so I really feel like I should try a class I haven't played. not into Shaman or Druid, can't play Paladin on Horde, and Warlock seems kinda horrible to play with debuff slot limits and soulshards.

So I guess it's between Mage and Hunter? I could go either way but Frost Mages are just so good at like everything, I think that's the one.
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User Info: Peridiam

1 month ago#134
Hopped on yesterday and reserved a name for myself and my wife - she's never played vanilla, only Legion/BFA. I expect her to jump on, find Classic mildly unenjoyable, and then she'll never play it again. Although I might get her to try Horde this time, she's stuck exclusively to her Gnome Mage for a while.

I'm definitely going to main a Priest. Vanilla Holy Priest was my favorite back then. Not sure about race. Leaning Troll. Could try Undead, but they're so common, and I much prefer the PvE Berserking racial to Will of the Undead.

User Info: Nrrr

1 month ago#135
Reserved some names. Bloodsail server. My partner played even more then me and is just saving names in case it does burning crusade lol
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User Info: CoolCly

1 month ago#137
Keep in mind Priest gets extra racials! Troll vs Undead also means Shadowguard and Hex of Weakness vs Devouring Plague and Touch of Weakness
The batman villians all seem to be one big joke that batman refuses to laugh at - SantaRPG
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User Info: Peridiam

1 month ago#138
Oh yeah! I loved Shadowguard.
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User Info: lordjers

1 month ago#140
You guys think this relaunch will be newbie friendly or we will be seeing lvl 60 guys after a week or so?
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