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Actually the original was so much better for community building because you had to basically get to know people. Need to go to another continent. Get to know some mages. Meet warlocks to summon you to dungeons. Etc.

Agreed. I came from EverQuest, where you had to group for everything. WoW classic had you group here and there, but even that felt like you were sequestered from the other players...until endgame and you suddenly needed to run 5-mans to be able to raid or do pvp.

Running 5 mans while leveling is way more fun than just soloing all the time. There’s a certain magic to those Vanilla dungeons that they never quite recaptured.

I'd argue that running 5 mans was super essential in leveling as everyone is those levels for so long that there is always an abundance of people running them which helps you make friends.

I remember sitting there /who region many times just to find warlocks to summon me to instances and such. And this again is how it was more community based then.
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