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azuarc posted...
There's QoL and then there's QoL. Like, I in no way whatsoever want a dungeon finder. A big part of the game to me was knowing where things were and actually going out to them. The dungeons might as well be in another dimension if you just warp to them with dungeon finder. However, basic UI improvements are certainly welcome. The one thing I'm fuzzy on is dual spec. That would be nice to have available in the game, but I can see how it might be along the slippery slope.

Does anyone know which version of WoW classic will emulate? Like, is it 1.0 or 1.14, or...? Playing hunter is considerably less attractive if it's before the class overhaul from 1.7 when survival was still supposed to be some kind of weird melee tree.

Actually the original was so much better for community building because you had to basically get to know people. Need to go to another continent. Get to know some mages. Meet warlocks to summon you to dungeons. Etc.
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