2 months ago #16
    The Demon Ororon Vol. 2 of 4
    (that's Chiaki on the right and Othello on the left. Probably.)
    Today's BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQHx_GPKccY

    We return to the land of speed forme deoxyses (deoxes? deoxysae?) with chins, where we are still involved in some big climactic fight between people we're supposed to care about and the Digi-Destined. Lika goes all ECW on Rape Guy, saving Chiaki but not before we get a boobshot nobody wanted. Some of the bad guys want to give up but the leader guy doesn't. Othello licks Goggles' shoe for an extended period. Ororon is done being Mr. Nice King Of Hell and starts wrecking people and summoning golems, but are his wounds too great at this point? (spoilers: probably not) Sexy Angel Man (who is god, maybe?) warns Chiaki to get out of Dodge, but just then one of the golems squishes....somebody, but I think everybody in the room is accounted for in the following panel? Maybe Kaworu Nagisa got a cameo- the hair's about right. Oh, it's a random little girl I guess.

    Meanwhile, a whole bunch of dudes show up back at the ranch, interrupting underwear!catboy #2's chat with the cat. They appear to be Othello's underlings, and are annoyed that there's no magic barrier for this brouhaha. One of them is one of the brothers, I guess? Hoodie Kid gets decapitated by a golem. We hardly knew ye. Ororon has to kill Matthew (his ex-most loyal retainer that he fought right before coming to our world) a few more times. Matthew turns into Sheila the Mom. Othello hits on Goggles a while longer, trying to get him to live and hate him. Othello's army buddies show up now that I think most of the fighting is maybe over. One of them has a chin thicker than some of the torsos I've seen in this manga. The one I thought was one of the brothers is not, and his name is Charles.

    Chiaki wakes up and decides now is a good time to go looking for Ororon. Catboy#1xLika is teased. Ororon kills his mom a few more times. We finally have the Chiaki and Ororon reunion and talk about death and killing and suicide and stuff. Romantically. Ororon tries to push Chiaki away. The surviving bounty hunter dudes show up and take her hostage so that Ororon will die quietly. Ororon solves this classic moral dilemna by punching them. Chiaki still won't let him kill the dudes though. He still wants to kill the dudes instead of them killing him though.

    Flashforward- apparently Chiaki caused an earthquake and wiped out the city in a fit of pacifism. Kyoya Ootori is annoyed by this hassle. We're calling Chiaki the Savior now, and she's passed out. Scary Maid Lady shanks somebody who was trying to bother Ororon. Ororon teleports the party to somewhere that didn't get nuked. Some demons are gonna eat an angel, so it's time to think some more about killing and living and dying. We're about to leave them be when one of them tries to attack Ororon gets asploded. Meanwhile, Othello continues to torture and/or nurse and/or rape Mitsune, whom I can't call Goggles any more because he has lost his goggles, along with the rest of his clothes And that's the note on which we're ending the volume today!

    My rating: 2/10
    At least I could mostly follow it this time!
    Tone yo' flab