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    Ringleader angel-chan can't take a hint that this is the let-the-cool-guy-show-how-cool-he-is sequence, and tries one last attack, so she gets eaten by a giant Dopefish on crack. It be like that sometimes. Chiaki don't like the fighting and killing and such.

    Ororon's big brother Othello is here now I guess, and hitting on Best-not-sexy-demon-Friend-chan (whose name is Lika). Ororon's actually the youngest of seven half-brothers, and the ruler for some reason, so his absence is causing a stir back home. Also some dead lady is talking to Ororon (I think?) and we get the line "You look like my mother when she died...mad from poison. It's sexy." He re-kills her or maybe she kills him or something and a buncha little spirit dudes come out and some other people are talking about stuff we already know. I guess God, the creator of the world, is the child of an angel and a mortal or something because that's how that works, and has hecked off to go do God somewhere else.

    Ororon comes back all bloodied and tries to have his way with Chiaki so she bonks him with a rock and runs away. Goggles McGee and Hoodie Kid are hunting the bounty on Ororon so Goggles McGee can go back to his season of Digimon. One of our two main characters apologizes to the other for the sexual assault incident but we don't believe in putting stems on our speech bubbles so who knows. Ororon confesses his love to Chiaki and explains that it's kill or be killed for him but he's not a JERK about it but Chiaki still doesn't like it and wants him to stop. Chiaki says she'll never speak to him again, and catches a fever from hanging out in the rain.

    A malnourished angel (even by this manga's standards) with unbuttoned pants tells Chiaki to break up with him because it could unseal the power sealed inside her by her dad. This dude's body is dead so he can't do a whole lot.

    Flashback to Ororon backstory- his mom hated him and his dad and got poisoned. (presumably going mad and dying [sexily???] shortly thereafter) Ororon seems to have been into that. Also his dad stole the angel dude's eating-disorder-and-no-shirt-and-unbuttoned-pants look, but he has different hair and wings so he's probably a different person. After both his parents died, Ororon became king because why not, didn't have any interest in ruling, and dealt with a long string of deaths and assassination attempts until getting sick of it and taking his baggage to the human world with him, and that's when Chiaki found him.

    Mitsune "Goggles" McGee gets another scene- btw he has a third eye and a missing arm I guess. Did you remember that he's a bounty hunter. Because he's a bounty hunter. He kills people. It's his job. Because he's a bounty hunter. Just FYI.

    Ororon is nursing Chiaki and Othello teases him for a bit. Othello doesn't want to be king either, so he wants Ororon to come back and take back over. Ororon is being angsty by the school when the GOGGLES GANG shows up and shanks some random kid. Wifebolo is home and wants to watch stuff so it's time for a reprieve.
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