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    The Demon Ororon, 1 of 4
    By: Hakase Mizuki
    Whose fault is this: Wifebolo
    Today's BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq7cQNO0gYc

    Going in completely blind on this one- all I know is that it's one of those multiple-volumes-in-one-book compilations. Not only is it 4 instead of the usual 3, but it's hardback, which I think qualifies it as a bludgeoning weapon. I'm doing this as four volumes because it does not look like my thang and I don't have the motivation to power through it in one sitting.

    A boy named Chiaki was just out looking for a sweater that would cover BOTH his shoulders when he finds an injured seme. Chiaki nurses him back to health and it turns out this is the demon Ororon, who senses that Chiaki is half-angel and pledges him one wish and kisses his hand before leaving. There's a girl too but where we're going we don't need girls.

    Speaking of girls having cooties, here comes a dead girl. Chiaki extends his neck to rougly nope.avi proportions and exorcises her or something. He seems mostly unaware or unwilling to accept his lineage and/or powers, which Ororon now thinks are more like those of an archangel. Chiaki is a lonely dude so he uses his wish to have Ororon stay with him always and be his friend, and Ororon has nothing better to do I guess. The next page they are hanging out in bed and Ororon is trying to get a kiss when he is attacked by Chiaki's cat. The girl from earlier is gonna come over and Ororon disappears and CHIAKI'S CLASSMATES ARE USING FEMALE PRONOUNS FOR CHIAKI I was certain she was just a shota.

    Chiaki's parents are MIA and grandpa is dead and we're just a sad little two-dimensional waif child. Some demons or something show up (Ororon had mentioned earlier that people would wanna eat Chiaki) and Ororon comes back to make the save and be identified as DEMON KING ORORON. Ororon enslaves the gang of whatever-they-ares, and reveals that he had just gone to fetch his maid because Chiaki sucks at cooking.

    Shiro and Kuro are two of the monsters that are now living here, and I am not sure what happened to the rest of that gang. Ororon has figured out that Chiaki's dad is probably the Archangel Michael, who should have been executed by now for doin' it with a mortal but probably escaped somehow since we haven't heard about it. The older one of Shiro/Kuro (black and white for those of you less far down the rabbit hole of weebery) killed a cat that the younger one liked. This is probably just an excuse for Ororon to exposit that he can resurrect creatures, but only if he is the one to kill them and they're not too far gone. That's apparently what happened to Shiro and Kuro's friends.

    Meanwhile, Chiaki's aunt is in charge of her inheritance, and she's kinda a jerk. Shiro and/or Kuro show up to tell her what for. We make it a point to identify that the jerk aunt and...uncle?...are Christian, super. Somebody gets a cross in the back. I legit am already having trouble distinguishing the two catboys from the heroine, let alone each other. Shiro is the one who is down, apparently. The jerk angels who dun it also can't figure out Chiaki's gender, so at least I'm not alone. Angels always kill monsters (ie Shiro/Kuro) and children of the fallen (ie Chiaki) and Chiaki is upset by this state of affairs. Action looking things happen and I think Chiaki gets giant angel wings and Ororon kills the bad guys maybe.
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