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User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#41
TheKnightOfNee posted...
oh ya go my tigers

User Info: Maniac64

1 month ago#42
Reg posted...
Maniac64 posted...
Good start for the Cubs.

I wouldn't put that much stock in it.

The Rangers are a 100 loss team this year.

True but getting home runs and the relievers pitching well are good no matter the opponent.
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris

User Info: Esuriat

1 month ago#43
Chris Davis' strikeout ability is impervious to coaching

Also my only prediction for the Orioles is that they'll only have the second worst record this season.

User Info: Nelson_Mandela

1 month ago#44
Is Davis the worst contract in sports history?
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User Info: Esuriat

1 month ago#45
It's definitely Ryan Howard tier now and if Hyde and Long can't get him producing at least 2016-2017 numbers then I'd say there's a strong argument for it at least being the worst in baseball.

User Info: LusterSoldier

1 month ago#46
Good start for the Phillies. No hits for Bryce Harper, but he did help set up a grand slam by getting an intentional walk to load up the bases (bad mistake by the Braves).
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User Info: Reg

1 month ago#47
The Rangers #2 pitcher is, in fact, not as good as their #1 pitcher.

User Info: Reg

1 month ago#48
On the bright side


User Info: Xuxon

1 month ago#49
gonna be a long 2 years of Happ

meanwhile Corbin 6 innings 2 runs today
This line dedicated to guru Advokaiser

User Info: Reg

1 month ago#50
walkoff wild pitch btw
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