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User Info: Lopen

1 month ago#271
Don't underestimate breaks. I brought Setzer to beat God Kefka and those counter Ultimas were a lot more manageable.

I kinda wanted to do super Omega/Shinryu for the Arcana but it was just a bit too annoying. I got close a couple of times with my Phoenix team but yeah I dunno I really don't like these Crystal Chronicle RW gimmick bosses in general, even if this one is more straightforward than most. Maybe in the future.
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User Info: Kaxon

1 month ago#272
Also keep in mind soul breaks can't trigger counters. This is a good battle to use an entruster.
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User Info: eaedwards6400

1 month ago#273
Yeah the problem I was having is I would get hit with a Savage Havok Wing using up my last stand and then counter-ultima and ballgsme
I beat Kefka with awakening boosted Valis from Terra so I didn't have to worry about the counter ultimas.

I also got another rainbow on the daily, Yang's unique. At least it's my first soul break for him I suppose.

Still haven't done my USB/LM select, just when I decided that I should probably get Aerith's USB2 and dualcast LM the MVP letter reveals an upcoming lucky draw that has her USB2 on it...
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User Info: Xuxon

1 month ago#275
i beat Kefka with my Hecaton team, just with Tyro instead of Ignis and other minor changes. blasted through that last phase doing about 200k each on Cloud and Bartz. Faris USB even has breakdown to go with imperil so i could have survived an extra ultima or two if needed.

didn't do the last Omega/Shinryu, hell i only did the 220 of that a couple hours before it closed and i still had 35 fest tickets to spend at that point, so no time. also it looked pretty terrible from skimming the FFRK board.
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User Info: Lopen

1 month ago#276
Honestly the biggest problem with Omega/Shinryu was the health bar is so damn long and for the most part they're not actually dangerous except out of short bursts.

Failures having like a 15 minute wind up time is annoying.
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User Info: Lopen

1 month ago#277
Grabbed Ashe USB off the daily. Pretty awesome. I can beat both the 5* water magicite so it's not as big a deal as it could be, but gotta be the strongest daily relic I've pulled and will help my time/FFXII torment team.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
I decided to do the ice lucky since I didn't have an ice chain.

1/11 Rinoa Chain. My Squall is strong, I have Selphie's BSB/USB, and I recently got a couple of Laguna relics so my ice just improved a little bit and I can probably do a couple levels of FF8 torment now that I think about it. I'll take it.
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User Info: mccheyne

1 month ago#279
Is it worth it to inherit a blade/spell ward 5 into another one (4* magicite)? I’ve got a couple double dampens, and double attack boon and double magic boon, but was unsure if a double blade or spell ward was a good idea.
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User Info: Ultimaphazon

1 month ago#280
I'm a huge fan of Blade/Spell Ward.
I'm not sure it's worth doing double-wards on 4* magicites, but at the 5* level, double wards give 12% resistance.

They are a great way to mitigate bosses who use a wide range of elements, and one of the only ways to mitigate non-elemental damage (especially piercing), unless you bring breakdowns (often a major waste in endgame content)
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