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User Info: ExThaNemesis

1 month ago#11
Thunder have been such trash since the all star break ended. I've never seen someone go from clear cut MVP favorite to not even in the discussion as fast as Paul George has. Depressing.
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That Jeremy Lamb buzzer beater is exactly the sort of s*** that keeps happening to the Magic. Our rivals keep getting improbable wins by doing s*** like that.

If you haven't seen it


User Info: ScareChan

1 month ago#13
was prepped to give a Lamb is Underrated post but that shot was all luck so damn
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User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#14
Pistons lose back to back road games in Portland and golden state not too surprising

User Info: greengravy294

1 month ago#15
Ya but hows that center ft percentage

User Info: ScareChan

1 month ago#16
kings lose to the lakers on the second night of the back to back

but man every single game Bagley impresses me more and more. This guy is going to be a true superstar
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User Info: KommunistKoala

1 month ago#17
oh ya go my aldridge
does anyone even read this
Man, the Magic against good teams and the Magic against trash teams may as well be two entirely different teams. It is ridiculous how much we play up or down to our opponents

If we can hold on to this lead against the 76ers this would be a huge boost to our playoff chances. Just as long as we don't follow it up with losses to the Heat and Pistons (I'd take 1-1 in those games, if we go 2-0 in them I'd say we are extremely likely in)
Also because I have been giving him s*** all season I will give credit where it's due and say Fournier has been great recently. He's actually been playing to the level he did in previous years when he was one of our better players (and what got him the contract). I don't know what has changed with him but he's stepped up massively

Someone theorized that his offense suffered a lot because he was drawing a lot of hard defensive duties so may have been tired (he does typically get tricky defensive matchups). And more recently we've had players be better defensively which may be freeing him up somewhat. Hopefully it carries on
Well that is a huge win for us. We were losing 60-57 at HT and then outscored the 76ers by 25 in the second half to win 119-98 and really it should have been more than that as we were up by like 30 when everyone rotated 3rd stringers in. Have now held 6 of our last 7 opponents to under 100 points too

Gotta win at least 1 against the Heat or Pistons now. Then we'd need wins against Hawks, Knicks, Hornets to get us to 40 and we'd be in a strong tiebreaker situation. Any wins outside that would be a bonus. If we get to 40 wins and miss out I'd be upset but I can live with that. It would hurt because of how many winnable games we threw away but 40 wins would be massively above preseason projections (like 30 wins)
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