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I think a good recent example of a user benefitting from KCF drafting for them is the Seahawks this offseason.

I don't think Jablax reaches for a FS in the 1st round like KCF did for him and that FS then turned into a DBotY contender as a rookie.

That draft pick also revealed some information I wasn't aware of until then (and probably others weren't either). KCF commented that the first projected player at a position tends to come out rated pretty well even if the projections might not suggest it. Some good examples of that in the last 2 drafts are:

FS Byron Jones (83 - projected 2nd)
TE Cameron Brate (84 - projected 2nd)
G Zach Martin (82 - projected 1st/2nd)
DT Fletcher Cox (82 - projected 1st/2nd)
SS Landon Collins (80 - projected 2nd/3rd)
C Maurkice Pouncey (85 - projected 2nd)
P Johnny Hekker (85 - Projected 4th)
P Pat O'Donnell (82 - Projected 3rd/4th)

Seems it extends somewhat to the players taken second at a position too. Usually when you see a guy with a higher than expected rating in the 2nd-4th round they are the 1st or 2nd guy taken at their position
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User Info: TheKnightOfNee

4 weeks ago#222
I've always been fine you controlling a team, KCF. I personally don't have any desire for you to step aside or anything there.

I think I've been a little less active lately, but I also had a kid within this past year and a lot of my hobbies and free time have taken a similar hit. I'm still going strong! And, as a lifelong Lions fan, these down years are something I take and keep fighting through.
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User Info: ScareChan

4 weeks ago#223
Leave it the way things are

It cuts the satisfaction of success when it happens

Also I will be back for next season
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ScareChan posted...
Leave it the way things are

It cuts the satisfaction of success when it happens

Also I will be back for next season

All of this for me as well
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User Info: LiquidOshawott

4 weeks ago#225
I think my weakness is that I’ve kinda cut back my posting a ton so it’s been harder to be extremely invested in this project

That being said I do plan on giving this another shot, if at first you don’t succeed...

User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#226
Okay everyone, it is now time to decide your plans for Season 12. If you wish to return to the same team, switch to a new team, or depart (hopefully not forever), you will have somewhere between 6-9 weeks to decide.

Below are all the teams by division, and I hope that I got everyone and also correctly recorded who has told me of their plans. I will start sending out PMs soon, and also create a sign-up topic for potential newcomers in a few days. If you do wish to switch teams, which we've only seen twice, now is the time to do so before the general public gets their shot.

Bold means you have told me you wish to return and for that team.

AFC West
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs - Ranlom
Oakland Raiders
Washington Hawks

AFC East
Buffalo Bills - stevr
Miami Dolphins - KCF

New England Patriots - Jukkie
New York Jets

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals - Smitty
Mexico City Browns - VI
Pittsburgh Steelers - Shattered

AFC South
Columbus Pioneers
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars - Sultan
Tennessee Titans - (KCF to fulfill past trade unless newcomer wants them or incumbent is a masochist and this is a dream job to them)

NFC West
San Francisco 49ers - Scare
Seattle Seahawks - Jablax
St. Louis Rams
Toronto Wildcats - prof

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys - Wiz
Las Vegas Pumpkins - Shonen
New York Giants - Eddv
Washington Redskins

NFC North
Chicago Bears - Stan
Detroit Lions - Nee
Green Bay Packers - Tangicide

Minnesota Vikings

NFC South
Anaheim Lightning
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers - Emerald
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Chris
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User Info: Ranlom

3 weeks ago#227
You really don't need to run the Titans, you've got enough on your plate.
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User Info: Jukkie

3 weeks ago#228
Im in as the Pats
* B8 LNC *
*****es be crazy!!

User Info: Jukkie

3 weeks ago#229
* B8 LNC *
*****es be crazy!!
Ill come back why not
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