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User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#211
AFC Pro Bowlers
QB Russell Wilson (Pioneers)
QB Sam Keller (Dolphins)
QB Carson Palmer (Bengals)
HB Jacquizz Rodgers (Dolphins)
HB Steven Jackson (Colts)
HB Romance Taylor (Jets)
FB Brian Leonard (Broncos)
FB Eric Stephens (Jaguars)
WR Mark Clayton (Pioneers)
WR Ernie Wheelwright (Bills)
WR A.J. Green (Dolphins)
WR Mike Williams (Bengals)
WR Kelly Campbell (Dolphins)
WR Keary Colbert (Broncos)
TE Eric Ebron (Ravens)
TE Rob Gronkowski (Bengals)
TE Dominique Byrd (Colts)
OT Shane Olivea (Broncos)
OT Justin Blalock (Hawks)
OT Kwame Harris (Steelers)
OT Kareem McKenzie (Jets)
G Jake Grove (Jets)
G Anthony Castonzo (Steelers)
G Kyle Williams (Broncos)
G Kendall Simmons (Dolphins)
C Andy Levitre (Steelers)
C Kyle Young (Jags)
DE Travis Johnson (Dolphins)
DE Bjoern Werner (Colts)
DE Ahmad Brooks (Bengals)
DE Terrell Suggs (Bengals)
DT Billy Walker (Jags)
DT Jordan White (Jets)
DT Ndamukong Suh (Dolphins)
OLB Kamerion Wimbley (Pioneers)
OLB Daryl Smith (Dolphins)
OLB Mason Foster (Bengals)
OLB D.J. Williams (Dolphins)
MLB David Harris (Titans)
MLB Rolando McClain (Steelers)
CB Desmond Trufant (Bills)
CB Nolan Carroll (Bengals)
CB Tracy Porter (Jags)
CB A.J. Bouye (Pioneers)
FS Tashaun Gipson (Steelers)
FS J.J. Wilcox (Chiefs)
SS Lewis Baker (Bills)
SS Roy Williams (Hawks)
K Nate Kaeding (Pioneers)
P Shane Lechler (Colts)
KR/PR Jordy Nelson (Bills)
KR/PR Kevin Hodges (Broncos)

- Raiders G Tutan Reyes had his consecutive Pro Bowl streak end at seven seasons
- Speaking of the Raiders, they, the Patriots, and Browns did not have a Pro Bowl representative
- Brian Leonard was named to his 10th Pro Bowl in as many seasons in the league
- Kelly Campbell has made the Pro Bowl five times in his 30s (went three times in his 20s)
- Kendall Simmons, the lone Dolphins OL representative, was named to the Pro Bowl despite tying for the league lead in sacks allowed
- A.J. Bouye was the long Pro Bowl rookie in the AFC
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#212
NFC Pro Bowlers
QB Vince Young (Cowboys)
QB Chris Leak (Pumpkins)
QB Kirk Cousins (Seahawks)
HB Matt Forte (Bucs)
HB Darius Walker (Cowboys)
HB Laurence Maroney (Wildcats)
FB Jason Snelling (Rams)
FB Quadtrine Hill (Seahawks)
WR Ted Ginn (Pumpkins)
WR DeSean Jackson (Seahawks)
WR Nate Burleson (Bucs)
WR Early Doucet (Falcons)
WR Roy Williams (Rams)
WR Gonzie Massey (Wildcats)
TE Travis Kelce (Vikings)
TE Dane Guthrie (Wildcats)
TE Matt Spaeth (Seahawks)
OT Kevin Barry (Packers)
OT Marvel Smith (Panthers)
OT Orlando Franklin (Bucs)
OT Tyron Smith (Wildcats)
G Qasim Mitchell (Vikings)
G Chris Pino (Cowboys)
G Tyler McMeans (Wildcats)
G Chris Snee (Seahawks)
C Chris Spencer (49ers)
C Jeff Faine (Packers)
DE Loren Howard (Giants)
DE Erik Thornton (Cowboys)
DE Robert Quinn (Wildcats)
DE J.J. Watt (Redskins)
DT Rodrique Wright (Rams)
DT William Morrisey (Vikings)
DT Ryan Walker (Cowboys)
OLB Jerry Hughes (Rams)
OLB Connor Barwin (Redskins)
OLB Derrick Bonds (Seahawks)
OLB Sio Moore (Bucs)
MLB Jonathan Vilma (Panthers)
MLB Korey Norton (49ers)
CB Dunta Robinson (Cowboys)
CB Vontae Davis (Cowboys)
CB Aaron Williams (Falcons)
CB Perrish Cox (Seahawks)
FS Byron Jones (Seahawks)
FS Harrison Smith (Rams)
SS Troy Polamalu (Cowboys)
SS Kenny Phillips (Packers)
K Graham Gano (Cowboys)
P Kyle Basler (Lightning)
KR/PR Roy Helu Jr. (Rams)
KR/PR Santonio Holmes (Wildcats)

- Lions and Bears did not have Pro Bowler representative
- Redskins OT Daniel Inman has failed to make the Pro Bowl for consecutive seasons despite 60 blocks against 4 sacks allowed this season
- Travis Kelce and Byron Jones were the only Pro Bowl rookies in the NFC
- 23/52 NFC Pro Bowlers were named to their first team
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#213
And having updated the wiki pages and the spreadsheet for various personnel changes during the postseason and wiping the injury sheet, our 11th season has come to a close. I will make an official post about returning or leaving the league in the coming days, but feel free to say you are in the meantime.

I want to again apologize for another largely uninteresting postseason. The Raiders being one quarter of positive point differential away from a surprise SB berth and the competitive SB with the nail-bitter of an ending were probably the only interesting points for the general public. I know seeing Cowboys vs Dolphins 3.0 and two teams that were in their fifth SB is boring (I will defend the Dolphins in how scattered their SB appearances have been among other things).

There are a few things we could discuss as possible changes to maybe make it more thoroughly competitive and keep people interested since playoff interest has considerably waned in recent seasons:

1. I step down as a GM period or simply the Dolphins

Only Eddv, Nee, Wiz, and Chris might remember this, but the original plan of the league was for me to take a pure commissioner role and not be involved in the operations for any team. Due to the league operating at around 20 users, I decided that having more users were better given, among many things, the limitations I put on for dealing with AI teams, so I took over my favorite team since they were open.

We could go back to my original plan and have me no longer be a participant in this league or force me to depart the Dolphins immediately and have me take over a different team. If I'm being honest, I like and prefer participating, but if people think that my knowledge of the game gives me too much of a competitive advantage that makes my inclusion unfair, then I can step down and see how much I enjoy taking a backseat role for a season as an experiment.

2. I alter my role in the draft

I talked about this some in the post-playoff discussion, but I think there has been some sizable discontent over the years with teams like the Bucs and Giants of old and recently Cowboys who have seen their users take a backseat in the offseason and reap partial benefits from idling, namely having me draft. I consider drafting and all that it encompasses to be my best skill in this league. While users in charge of those teams haven't fully relied on me, many of their best players in their times of dominance were the result of my drafting for them. The rule has always been that if a team doesn't send me any draft plans and isn't there for the draft, then I draft as if I were in charge of the team.

What we could do is either have me draft according to what the AI would do for the team (they give you a recommended pick), or adopt a specific, uniform strategy (such as first draft best player at position of need, then best player available) instead of my tailor-made plans. I personally am not a fan of that as I think it punishes less-experienced users who are likely in charge of non-SB caliber teams more than SB-caliber ones.

Some users seem to have the outlook that they don't really expect to win a Super Bowl and instead just try to aim to make the playoffs or at least not suck. I don't want people to handicap their dreams in this or feel disenfranchised that Cowboys being in the SB and Dolphins in the thick of things as inevitable and competing against those two teams is an exercise in futility. This league is more about all of you than it is me, so if you think that the lack of parity at the end of the playoffs is an issue, then I am open to suggestions. I would prefer it not being via the two points I mentioned, but I am open-minded and those were the only things that came to mind as a very tired man at 4 AM.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
I will not be able to assert my dominance over the AFC East while simultaneously making KCF cry like a baby at his team's woeful futility against the mighty Bills in the future if he quits as GM, so I'm definitely against that idea.

User Info: Ranlom

4 weeks ago#215
Couldn't make the playoff sim like i had planned, but was able to check in on it throughout the night.

Kudos to MVP Mark Clayton, GMotY KCF and his Champion Dolphins. Thanks for another great season.
Forward, Relentlessly
"What the heck is Ranlom?" - lunchboxssj
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Ranlom

4 weeks ago#216
Moving you to a new team might be an option, but you shouldn't have to take a backseat role.
Forward, Relentlessly
"What the heck is Ranlom?" - lunchboxssj
1. I don't think you should step down. Yes the Dolphins are very good but they have also been beatable (well by everyone except me!). You're always going to be one of the superbowl favorites but it's not like you are in the superbowl every year. And the AFC is still in a pretty healthy position on the whole. Something that also may get slightly overlooked is that you redistribute the wealth via trades too. An AI Dolphins would still be extremely good whilst not being able to do this and would be more likely to keep their talent via an increased cap. They are also the youngest team in the league so would be set-up to remain extremely good for years to come even under AI control.

2. I don't think there's an easy fix here. Just due to the nature of how progression/development works, any dominant team is always going to have an edge and it takes a couple of seasons for other teams to have a chance to catch up. And it's not exactly fair to punish a team for being good so that other teams have a chance to catch up. There is always a chance a dominant team falters too like the Broncos did this year.

I think the frustration here is probably mainly due to last season rather than this season. The Cowboys had what most people agreed was a pretty bad offseason. They then faltered in the regular season too. So the hope/expectation was probably that they had fallen back to the pack somewhat and everyone else had a chance. However, then they unexpectedly won the superbowl and this season old service resumed with a 15 game win streak.

However, I do think there's some what of a light at the end of the tunnel for the NFC. The Cowboys whilst extremely good do look like they will run into cap issues in the the next year or two? It looks like a lot of their bigger players are currently at the start of longer deals. So in 1-2 years that is probably going to hurt.
Anyway I don't have a fix for 2 because I don't think there is an obvious one. What I will say is that there is a penalty in place for idling at basically any other time of the season.

You idle during RFA then some tenders don't get set and you also aren't bidding on anyone
You idle during FA then you're probably losing some of your better players and you also aren't bringing in new guys
You idle during the season then you can't react to injuries (or bad performance) and KCF isn't going to fix your depth charts / strategy and is only signing a player for you if you fall below minimums

However, if you idle for the draft there's no penalty and arguably you actually benefit from idling as KCF is very likely going to do better at the draft than the user.

User Info: Emeraldegg

4 weeks ago#219
I would be totally okay with you drafting what the AI would take during the draft if a user no-shows. I get that you've always touted this as a "Do as much or as little as you want" project, but you've essentially been rewarding those who choose the lesser side of that option, and while I'm not saying those who choose to be hands off shouldn't do well, they also shouldn't have any success handed to them for being hands off. This is a fun project but in my eyes it's still a competition. Those new users you're worried about are perfectly capable of soliciting your advice for them if they wish if they want to do well, as long as they do some work themselves. "What would you say my biggest needs are? Who would you take in this situation?" These and others are all valid questions they can ask while not just leaving you to do all the work. It would probably cut down on time and overall effort you have to put into this thing as well.
I'm a greener egg than the eggs from dr. seuss
(edited 4 weeks ago)
Honestly though I don't think the state of the league is really that big an issue.

Everyone clearly really enjoys the project which is the important part. Whilst we all would love to be as successful as the Cowboys/Dolphins, I don't think anyone is actually upset about it. I know you said you don't want people to set their expectations so low but I'm sure a lot of us love the building up aspect of being a GM and some things take time. So whilst some users might just be hoping not to suck now or hoping to just make the playoffs, I'm sure those plans will change as they improve.

Like for me personally, I knew that my team was not set-up well for the future about 3 seasons ago. I had an aging team, little development at youth and a bad cap situation. I knew I needed a drastic overhaul and wasn't getting near a superbowl any time soon. So I just wanted to make a team that could consistently make the playoffs and try build from there.

I feel like I'm 1 year ahead of what I thought the timeline would be mainly because I went 10-5-1 in the initial rebuild year where I expected ~7 wins. Then the team returned and played better the year after (despite the 10-6 record) showing that it wasn't just a fluke. So I think in the next 1-2 season I might actually be a credible threat to make the superbowl
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