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  3. Can anyone here tell me a summary of PewDiePie's youtube content?

User Info: ExThaNemesis

6 days ago#1
I am basically clueless. I thought he was primarily a video game streamer, but does he do that real life streaming stuff that has caught on in the last few years?
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

6 days ago#2
I saw PewDiePie trending with millions of tweets yesterday, but I didn't want anything related to him in any of my search histories, because then it'd start suggesting all kinds of s*** I don't want to see, but I'm still curious what happened yesterday to spur on that much interest.
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oh boy
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User Info: Emeraldegg

6 days ago#4
It's darker than you expected.

From what I read, the mosque shooting at New Zealand, the attacker supposedly encouraged people to subscribe to pewdiepie right before (during? I don't know this bit) the attack.
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User Info: Underleveled

6 days ago#5
Of the roughly 3 minutes I've seen of all his content it seems like he loves screaming like a little girl at mildly frightening things and yelling at his girlfriend.
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User Info: red13n

6 days ago#6
hes an early representative of the more mainstream unfiltered internet. Where people say whatever they want with no consequence due to the protection of the screen. Basically, he got attention by being obnoxious.
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User Info: Mr Lasastryke

Mr Lasastryke
6 days ago#7
Geothermal terpsichorean ejectamenta

User Info: MrSmartGuy

6 days ago#8
This is the extent of my Pewdiepie knowledge:
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User Info: Nrrr

6 days ago#9
he likes to say 'gamer words' and hate on jews and follow right wing morons but pretend he isn't a nazi

his content is dumb s*** for kids that sucks

User Info: GranzonEx

6 days ago#10
the worst thing about him are the dumb memes about his rivalry with T-series or whatever the f*** that is

that meme pops up on reddit all the f***ing time and I have no idea what it is
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  3. Can anyone here tell me a summary of PewDiePie's youtube content?