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User Info: MycroProcessor

3 months ago#141
Game: Dengeki Nurse 2: More Sexy
Title: Burning Drift
Composer: Kanamori Naoki
Nominator: JONALEON1

ah yeah this is mostly a "really the only reason I like this is because I like fm synth" one but I don't really care about it much compositionally, even kinda dislike some parts, so many chord changes I find really really cheesy in their predictable lead up and a form of dramaticness that makes me cringe more than it makes me feel anything cool. BUT I'm so so much more forgiving of all the things I dislike just because it's cool fm synth sounds!!! as I've said many times lol, FM instrumentation makes me really forgiving of things I'd have really negative opinions on otherwise. i'd probably hate this if it were like, an nes version of the same song, but because it's FM and GOOD FM, I really like it.

Honestly I don't have much positive to say about this compositionally, I just...really like fm synth, and this is a cool sounding pc-98 track so I Can put it in the "I like some things about it" range.

I think my favorite sounds here are really anything gritty. Just the right type of sharpness. like basically every single synth patch feels ALIVE to me. When notes are held out there's just the right amount of modification to the sound as it goes to be full of COOL SOUND. sometimes it's vibrato, sometimes it's just these cool warpy effects you get from the FM sound itself.

There's a lot of discussion in communities where people talk about fm synth sounds about "what are the best examples of electric guitar in [insert fm-synth based soundchip]" with arguments that go on for hours. This would be pretty high on my list for that. it's not necesarily the most unique example of it, or the most "actually sounds like a guitar" example of it, but it DEFINITELY provides the exact right energy to me to evoke the same feelings that a real electric guitar playing the same stuff in this track would.

like the first 20 seconds is so...so good, all these tiny details make that FM fake guitar feel just as expressive as a real one. the timbre being much scratchier at some times than others, the detune-y vibrato when held out, alternation between portamento/pitch bend-y movement and hard "new note" movement between notes. Really every layer of this track has that kind of detail to make it feel like it has the same energy as real people playing instruments, but the electric guitar-like sound at the first :20 seconds is my favorite example of it here.

the guitar solo that start at like 2:13 is f***ing awesome too. I can imagine a real person improvising something close to that, has just enough details for it to not feel like it was notes typed in onto a computer.

this feels like an "fl81 song" now that I think about it haha

Also really like how much the non-fm psg beep layers duplicate some of the lines here it adds an extra layer of fullness and timbral variety that I appreciate ! Even the psg layers have cool stuff happening to them, they're not just flatly placed in, tiny little pitch bends and stuff work wonders to make this track come to life and not just be "a song on a computer" and take advantages of the cool sounds you can make with FM and BEEPS in combination together!!!!!!! I Like video game music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh also important note this is the FIRST jonaleon1 pick to drop!!! Jonaleon1 is like, really really high taste compatibility with me statistically based on vgmc compatibility stats and just general "yeah we obviously love a lot of the same music" that has been the case my entire time on board 8 in the vgm community here. so it's pretty notable that any of his picks wound up this low at all, in a way. ANYWAYS WE'll see how the rest of jona's noms do...!!
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User Info: azuarc

3 months ago#142
I'm counting down the weeks until I can say we've made it to the one-third mark before I make any comment about how my nominations are doing so far.
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User Info: FL81

3 months ago#143
this is an FL81 song
https://i.imgtc.ws/uBYqPMK.gif https://i.imgtc.ws/UAGNJFv.gif
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User Info: MycroProcessor

3 months ago#144
Game: Invisigun Heroes
Title: Arenae II
Composer: Paper Sound
Nominator: Zigzagoon

Oh no!! the first ermine pick to drop!! a lot of people were probably confused that none of his stuff went out earlier given how low we wound up on vgmc-compatibility-stats. and I'd say...well, although on average we're probably going to vote oppositely given a choice of 2 random songs in a vgmc context...on average I am actually very likely to be interested in ermine's absolute favorites more often than not, so in the context of a ranking topic...most likely at least some of his noms are to be things that interest me! especially if he's tailoring the picks to my taste as best he can haha. and honestly given how picky he is...his absolute favorites are the most important thing to compare interest in. We may have opposite opinions on a lot of things, but I really very regularly love the stuff he'll rank high which is the most important thread of ermine's taste to share

even more telling on that front...this is actually probably one of the more notably misranked noms. I swore to myself that I wouldn't change any rankings around as I was posting ranks because I could literally spend forever re-ordering things, but this actually would be somewhere in the mid-high 7.x range definitely at this point. If I reranked things this would probably wind up like...idk in the 160-165 range I think at LEASt. in the right mood could even be around 100th or higher. JUST PRETEND this is somewhere in the 7.x blue zone ok

I remember when ermine used this in a vgmgg I had a visible "WHOA THIS IS AWESOME" type reaction or something, and immediately guessed Spyro I think. This reminds me a lot of spyro...one thing I love in music? Delay echoes, and man this has that so dominant throughout the track on that sitar sound. BTW sitar is definitely one of my favorite instruments, so I'm in love with that here.

I think the only reason I ranked this this low is I feel like it's so...empty. at so many parts. like this would be a literal 8.x+ if there was more going on at some parts that are really sparse feeling to me. but man everything else about this is so awesome. and I'm a lot less bothered by that sparseness than I was when I was ranking all these too, and even actively like it in some ways. Like I love how the intro has so little going on in some ways because it gives more focus on...well my favorite layer, the delay echo'd sitar

That funky synth bass is an awesome sound and is this really organic warpy sound I really like with a lot of variety to it. even when it's just playing one note over and over it feels like it's doing more than that

Love the starkness of the part that starts at :34, every individual note is pretty clear and distinct and it's just nice and "punchy"


DESERT arabic egypt (new mexico) I like deserts a lot as environments, and likewise things that evoke that environment so yeah

man I love every instrument in this song

compositionally this is pretty playful, lots of that chromatic playfulness I tend to notice is a prominent factor in ermine's taste, and when done the right way it's a thing I love too, and I love it here. It's DARK in the way it's done here for sure. there's some parts that are more like...a funky 'modern' feeling use of something like that, but other parts feel more like "TRAADITIONAL DESERT MUSIC" and that contrast is great. it's like you're in this tech cyber world but the landscape of pyramid ancient ruins SAND world overtakes your vision inside of wireframe grid simulation. I love it

There's some parts with so many things going at once and they interact with each other in really cool ways I think; those busy sections contrast pretty well from the emptier parts.

User Info: Zigzagoon

3 months ago#145
Dang, almost made it

User Info: MycroProcessor

3 months ago#146
Game: Fire Emblem Fates
Title: Thorn In You
Composer: Rei Kondoh
Nominator: OrangeCrush980

I always go on about how the main reason I like Fire Emblem Awakening/fates/etc music is because Moris***a is just an amazing composer to me, and that I don't really like Rei Kondoh's work on it that much. Although that is true that I vastly prefer Moris***a's tracks, this track actually does a lot of my favorite things that Moris***a does in it. Dramatic key changes super normalized at some parts with no-leadup for maximum EFFECt of intense. I guess some of the relation to stuff I like here too is subtly referencing the main theme haha. I also just like slow emotional sad piano strings only tracks like this a lot more than I used to.

This track changes key pretty abrptly, but it's not actually super obvious when it does so if you're not actively listening, it's just turned into a casual normal thing you can do in the song and makes the possible notes that can be played in it wider. IT's still strongly emotional whenever it does so. like that moment at :45 is just AAAH. it's not lead up to, but it's also not unnatural, it's just intense...but a subtle sort of intensity I don't even notice i'm feeling when listening. 1:01 same thing. this feels like something moris***a would write to me because of that, same sort of "emotions caused by lots of modulations that come out of nowhere" like id (purpose) and its many FRIENDS throughout the series, but done in a much slower context I guess and not with quite the same amount of bombardment that moris***a's examples have

The single 2/4 bar at 1:47 in the middle of the 3/4 of the rest of the track is pretty cool

I like the instrumentation!! it might not really seem like it from the stuff I tend to say but I really love strings and piano orchestra music...and oboe is one of my favorite wind instruments! So the oboe melody is really nice in my eyes(EARS) ....my oboe obsession PROBABLY came entirely from Myst being my favorite series and it being really prominent in the original game haha. also one of my best friends in high school was a really good oboist so that helped

I also like how so much of the song's just constant simple 8th or 16th arpeggios. It's just enough to make this /just/ busy enough to not be boring, but also nicely not in-your face, just a cool texture to make it very PRETTY.

Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates are two soundtracks I put in my personal top 100 or even top 50, and although this isn't really an example of the kinds of tracks that make me love those soundtracks, it certainly has hints of the elements that make them powerful to me!

Really don't have anything but positive things to say about this one even if I didn't rank it particularly high. Only this ""low"" because it doesn't stick out to me much, but in a way that subdued-ness is a virtue about it for me too. man I guess although I said 203 was misranked and 50-100 slots too low, in a lot of ways really it was just the start of "I don't have anything negative to say anymore" about the songs. The upper 6.x green zone is mostly songs that I dislike almost nothing about and just didn't like /quite/ enough to say I "like" them...or something. MOSTLY.

User Info: dowolf

3 months ago#147
whoa burning drift is cool~
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User Info: Haste_2

3 months ago#148
I kept forgetting to tell you, Mycro... I once said that I finally found a VGM you would rate an 8+/10 that I disliked.... that music was Sonic R's "Can You Feel the Sunshine". But then I listened to it a couple of days later and suddenly it sounded really good to me! Figures. Your musical taste always wins out in the end, it seems.

Lonely Departure's full of awesome stuff, even if the harmony is predictable at times, like you said. I'm definitely putting that into my list of recently discovered VGM music that I like. (Good job, Prody!)

Thorn in You sounds a LOT like "Don't Speak Her Name" from FE: Awakening. That's a good thing since I like DSHN a lot. This one is a bit boring at parts, though....

By the way, a while back that I despised Zigzagoon posted...
Dang, almost made it

You didn't make the top 200, but you DID make the top 75% with all of your noms, so I guess that's still an accomplishment!
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User Info: Mr Lasastryke

Mr Lasastryke
3 months ago#149
can you feel the sunshine is great. that whole soundtrack is amazing.
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User Info: xp1337

3 months ago#150
Sonic R OST is definitely legit.
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