4 months ago #8

    It's not necessarily /that/ weird or complex, but definitely more playful with that kind of stuff than most vgm

    This theme comes across to me as a lot less conventionally "epic" than the melee/brawl main themes, while still retaining the same intensity and emotion to me and I think that's why I like it. a lot things those two do feel cheesy to me (even if I really do like the melee main theme) but this evokes the same emotion without having coming across like the stereotype of anything in specific imo

    but...even with this holding that placement to me, I do think I like the melee main theme a lot more (wow what a surprise it's hirokazu ando), looking back at it. DEFINITELY like both this and that more than the brawl main theme though. cant believe there was a period for a while where I was like "this isn't as good as brawl main theme" somehow, I guess I just found it unmemorable or underwhelming but NOT ANYMORE

    sorry this one is so MISRANKED. I said i'd put it somewhere in blue or low purple, think at this very moment I'd place it at like 153 but that certainly fluctuates. definitely ranging from 189 to like 100 depending on mood.