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Eerieka posted...
A: I think I know how the parlor happened. Let’s say Kanon was the culprit. Rosa goes into the parlor and drinks her poisoned tea, but also Kanon smoothers her. He leaves. Maria walks in and freaks out over her mother’s body. She locks herself in the room because she’s scared, and also knocked over the coat rack which locks the door. Then she got thirsty, drank the tea, and croaked.
K: But what if Kanon is the coat rack?
A: Damn you.


Damn, I'm not remembering this case at all. So Battler commits "suicide" but he's trapped in the closet later? This is the episode where all who remain are taped into two separate rooms, right, and these "half-deaths" become brutal beheadings later?

I honestly don't remember anything going on right now after Love Trials
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