2 months ago #107
A: The more I look at Zepar and Furfur, the more I think they’re kinda cute…

Back to Ange and Hachijo talking about the story as a whole.
A: I appreciate this little ‘oh hey, do you remember this thing that happened?’ It’s useful after our little hiatus.

Amakusa is here, too, just to interject occasionally
A: I’m still trying to get a grasp on his purpose.
K: He might literally just be eye candy.

We get to a scene with Erika
A: You know what would have been funny? If everyone knew she wasn’t the detective, so Beatrice killed her. And then all her cunning detective plans go crumbling down.

The game’s clock shows up at the end of the chapter and 1 hour has passed.
A: All that s***, just for one hour!

Erika says she won’t activate her detective authority so the victory will be that much better. Bern adds that she’s going to throw Erika into the worst Fragment imaginable if she loses.
A: Erika has a face like ‘um, I didn’t agree to this?”

Lambda says this will be the last game, so go all out!
A: Meanwhile, those of us on THIS level of the Metaverse know that’s bulls*** because Umineko Episodes 7 and 8 exist. God only knows what YOU (pointing to me, Kira) know on your level of the metaverse
K: Good point!

Erika: (nervously): This is my own will. I agree to the terms and conditions.
A: And you say this as someone who doesn’t have a gun to the back of her head.

Scene changes back to the cousins in their bedroom.
A: Is Battler gonna kill himself?
K: I wasn’t going to lead you into it, buuuut… I was hoping you’d think of this on your own. If Battler is part of the group of six who must murder, who would he kill?
A: Himself…

Now to the scene where the adult men find Battler’s body
A: I just noticed how Rudolf and Krauss’s One-winged eagle could be combined to make a full eagle.
K: Yeah, they both go opposite directions.
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