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Zepar and Furfur: Now who will Beatrice choose~
As the scene was changing, for a moment Arria thought we would be in Kinzo’s study based on the background pictures.
A: No b****, you can’t kill Kinzo, it doesn’t work like that—Oh Natsuhi. Huh…

Natsuhi flashbacks to how her mother used to wait for her dad and she would wake up the kids to greet him no matter how late he was out.
A: that’s a pretty jackass thing to do. f***er stays late at the office, goes to a bar, comes home stumbling drunk… and his wife is kneeling at the door with the kids?
K: Remember he’s a Shinto priest.
A: Ah, right.
K: I mean, he could still have gone to a bar.

Beatrice tries to kill Natsuhi, but she holds up the spirit mirror which has a ‘hateful’ effect on her
A: I wonder how this would play out if Natsuhi actually killed her. Like, everyone walks in, and the girl from the portrait is there. How awkward would that be?

Beatrice talks about how much she loves Battler and she wants him to notice her (sempai~)
A: Congrats, Battler, you literally created a monster.

Lucifer helps Beatrice and knocks the mirror out of Natsuhi’s hand.
A: What would she have done if she escaped? “Help! The woman from the portrait is trying to murder me!”

Battler shows up to order Lucifer to finish off Natsuhi. Afterward, Beato and Battler have a nice conversation and he says “call me whatever you want.”
A: Is he on pot? A while ago he was flipping out at her, now he’s like *pretends to smoke* Mm, call me whatever, man~
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