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User Info: skullbone

2 months ago#1
New Broly/Gogeta out now! Go nuts!

User Info: skullbone

2 months ago#2
Okay I did my discount summons on Broly banner

1st round:
AGL Golden Freiza

2nd round (Super Vegito Animation!):
SSJ3 Broly
AGL Kid Buu

3rd round:
TEQ Android 18 (the bad one...)

free round:
STR Android 18

Wow my 2nd summon must have gotten mixed up with someone else because all of the other rounds were garbage. Glad to get Broly though!

User Info: WarThaNemesis2

2 months ago#3
So I got All The Brolies on the Broly banner, and jack on the Gogeta banner.
RIP Paul Bearer. Ohhhh nooooo. :(

User Info: Emeraldegg

2 months ago#4
1st rd gogeta banner:
STR Chi Chi >.>

2nd rd:
STR Super Trunks
PHY SSJ3 Gotenks Dupe #1
STR Spirit bomb goku for baba points
STR Toppo

3rd rd:
AGL SSJ2 Caulifla dupe
STR SSJ3 GT Vegeta dupe

Free rd:

Well, that saddens me
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User Info: KommunistKoala

2 months ago#5
got broly after 200 stones, so I can barely afford to do the cheap summons for gogeta
does anyone even read this

User Info: PrivateBiscuit1

2 months ago#6
1st Round Gogeta:

3rd Dupe of AGL SS2 Vegeta

2nd Round Gogeta:

7 Rares
1 SR
1st Dupe of Str Majuub
Phy Berserker Kale

3rd Round Gogeta:

Dupe of my maxed out Str SSG Goku

Freebie Gogeta:

The New Teq SS Goku that goes SSG Goku

...well I feel underwhelmed. Especially since I got five
Phy White-Hot Intensity SS Gokus from this. Maybe when I can get the stones, Broly will be better.
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User Info: GANON1025

2 months ago#7
Ohhhhh yeah

User Info: HashtagSEP

2 months ago#8
Gogeta 1st round:
INT Super Gogeta (dupe)
STR SS2 Teen Trunks (dupe)

Gogeta 2nd round:
TEQ Android 16 (dupe)

Gogeta 3rd round:
AGL Super Gogeta yessssss!
AGL Dypso (dupe)

Gogeta 4th round:
TEQ SS4 Gogeta (dupe)
INT SSJ Teen Trunks
AGL SS2 Vegeta
TEQ Teen Future Trunks

Broly 1st round:
INT Perfect Cell (dupe)

Broly 2nd round:
INT Metal Coora (dupe)

Broly 3rd round:
STR Android 17 (dupe)
TEQ SS3 Broly (dupe)
PHY Syn Shenron (dupe)
TEQ Final Form Angel Frieza

Broly 4th round:
STR Zamasu
TEQ SS3 Broly x2 (dupe)
AGL Future Android 18
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User Info: skullbone

2 months ago#9
Well we're getting 30 stones from the EZA, 10 from the new story event, and maybe 30 from the Gogeta EZA before the 300 hours is over. Might be able to gather enough to do the discounts on Gogeta with the dailies and leftover Battlefield stones.

User Info: swordz9

2 months ago#10
Only new card I didn’t get was SS4 Gogeta, but I might try for him still despite the fact I basically spent all my stones. Getting to walk away with 2 AGL Gogeta, 1 AGL Broly, 1 PHY Broly, a 90% Omega, rainbow Paragus and a dupe LR Black (I did 1 multi on the RDC and got him lmao) from 1,150 stones is what I’d call pretty good
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