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User Info: Underleveled

6 days ago#1
Which character should be done for Day 1149? - Results (45 votes)
Bullwinkle J. Moose (Rocky & Bullwinkle)
8.89% (4 votes)
Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
2.22% (1 vote)
Donkey (Shrek)
26.67% (12 votes)
Francis (Left 4 Dead)
2.22% (1 vote)
Frank Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)
8.89% (4 votes)
Giselle (Enchanted)
11.11% (5 votes)
Gizmo (Gremlins)
2.22% (1 vote)
Gomer Pyle (The Andy Griffith Show)
2.22% (1 vote)
Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
13.33% (6 votes)
Misty (Pokemon)
22.22% (10 votes)
You must be registered and logged in to vote in this poll.
Simply PM me a list of 10 characters you would like to see featured on the poll (please check the wiki page to make sure none of them have been done before!) and they will be featured beginning on Day 1179. The only requirement is that all 10 characters must be fictional characters that have never been featured on DYLTC - your list may have as much or as little variety in source/character type as you desire. Lists will be done in the order they are received. You may make changes to your list via PM anytime up until the topic before your poll is featured (so if your list is to be featured on Day 1179 to select the character for Day 1180, you have until I post the topic for Day 1178 to make changes). If a character on your list wins a poll between now and the time it is featured, I will contact you regarding a replacement. There is no hard deadline for submitting a list; instead submissions will be closed when only 10 user-select lists remain on deck.

Just post yes or no for whether or not you like the character in question. It can be for any reason. You're welcome (and encouraged!) to give an explanation, but none is required.
No alts, obviously.
Topic generally lasts for 24 hours, but may go on longer if the new one is not up yet.
If you don't know the character in any way, please don't vote. Please also clearly state if it's a Yes or No vote. Neutral = No.
Nominations are welcome!
Any help keeping this bumped is appreciated.

All Previous Results

Hubert J. Farnsworth (Futurama): 100.00% [82 votes]
Doc Emmett Brown (Back to the Future): 100.00% [54 votes]
The Joker (Batman): 100.00% [52 votes]
Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation): 100.00% [45 votes]
Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes): 100.00% [44 votes]
Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development): 100.00% [41 votes]
Yusuke Urameshi (YuYu Hakusho): 100.00% [41 votes]
Alucard (Castlevania): 100.00% [40 votes]
Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad): 100.00% [40 votes]
Marty McFly (Back to the Future): 100.00% [40 votes]
Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim): 52.27% [44 votes]
Toadette (Super Mario): 52.17% [46 votes]
Lola Bunny (Looney Tunes): 51.61% [31 votes]
Yukari Takeba (Persona 3): 50.00% [40 votes]
Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean): 50.00% [30 votes]
Peppermint Patty (Peanuts): 50.00% [30 votes]
Recoome (Dragon Ball Z): 50.00% [26 votes]
Cyclops (X-Men): 50.00% [24 votes]
The Wizard of Oz (The Wizard of Oz): 50.00% [24 votes]
Marx (Kirby): 50.00% [20 votes]
Kevin Arnold (The Wonder Years): 50.00% [18 votes]
Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter): 9.52% [42 votes]
Shinji Matou (Fate/stay night): 7.69% [26 votes]
Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana): 6.45% [31 votes]
Nina Einstein (Code Geass): 6.06% [33 votes]
Barbie (Barbie): 5.56% [18 votes]
Chris Thorndike (Sonic X): 5.00% [20 votes]
Bella Swan (Twilight): 4.29% [70 votes]
Canary Mary (Banjo-Tooie): 0.00% [19 votes]
Ethan Ryan MacManus (Ctrl+Alt+Del): 0.00% [22 votes]
The Kids (Trix): 0.00% [84 votes]

Last Day's Result
With well over 1100 characters in the books, it's amazing that Patty is only the ninth character to get exactly 50.00%. Oh, and she's 3rd out of 4 for Peanuts characters, between Charlie Brown (77.27%) and Lucy (35.71%).

Today's Character
With a complete apathy for her job and utter disdain for anything she deems lame (which is most things), April is essentially a young female Ron.
Score: There goes bracket

User Info: Underleveled

6 days ago#2
Oh hell yes. Second-best character in an already very strong cast.
Score: There goes bracket

User Info: mnkboy907

6 days ago#3
Change is weird.

User Info: KommunistKoala

6 days ago#4
does anyone even read this

User Info: NFUN

6 days ago#5
Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

User Info: NBIceman

6 days ago#6
Spurs - Yankees - Eagles - Golden Knights

User Info: Johnbobb

6 days ago#7
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ https://goo.gl/Diw2hs

User Info: TheArkOfTurus

6 days ago#8
Our eyes were removed
For our own safety

User Info: TheCodeisBosco

6 days ago#9
Now crack that combination:
27 99 23.
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.
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