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    Chip and Ironicus play MGSIV: Four games in and I still don't feel like I truly know what's going on, but it's a fun ride nonetheless. Probably once I finish IV, I'll go back to Tarvould's Quest playing DDLC, but we're early on so who knows.
    On deck (after DDLC): If nL doesn't win the poll...maybe something by Vinesauce Vinny? I've been working my way up from his shorter videos and he seems like somebody I'd enjoy watching all the way through a game.

    Being the Elite: I have seen the Young Bucks wrestle about five minutes in my life (lol, All In) and Omega not a whole lot more than that, but this series is already making me a fan. They just seem like good, chill dudes! And as I understand it we eventually get storylines and kayfabe and stuff instead of it just being "hey we're flying places and we don't sleep ever here are some flippydoos and memes." But we ain't there yet.
    On deck: I almost started Miraculous instead, so if Wifebolo and I aren't watching it together by then, it's the heir apparent.

    Aria the Animation: Gondolas, not shooty girls, although I do kinda wanna watch the other one at some point, too. Just a nice, feel-good, cute-girls-doing-cute-things show that isn't aggressively moe like...70% of today's anime. >_> It helps that I was reading the manga before moe became the big thing! Still on the first season, and I suspect we'll watch the whole thing before moving on.
    On deck: Haven't thought that far ahead. If I had to pick something today....Wandering Son?

    Stormlight Archives: Have been loving this in audiobook format. Just finished Words of Radiance and am now starting some sorta cosmere-spanning short story compendium unless Maniac and NFUN convince me that it's a PARTICUARLY bad idea. But, Edgedancer. We'll almost certainly finish up what's out of Stormlight.
    On deck: TBD, since it's part of the poll!

    8-bit Theater: I don't feel like this has aged super great, but it's still got some likable characters and good gags. I...think we're about done gathering orbs? The plot kinda gets lost sometimes. >_>
    On deck: TBD, since it's part of the poll! (Although before that, I'll cruise through Order of the Stick, Girl Genius, and Paranatural to catch up on what I've missed.)

    Persona 5: I THINK I am almost done, but my "just kidding one more dungeon" senses are tingling. It's been a great ride! Went with Futaba, BTW.
    On deck: SSBU has already kinda jumped the queue, it'll just be "officially" in the rotation once P5's done >_>

    Computer game Slots 1 & 2: I finished both of my games in rapid succession! I am currently running one of my famous STEAM BATTLES to fill one of those slots- I put some games I have into a bracket, and play them for a half hour at a time to decide the winner of the "matches." By the time this topic goes live, there's a good chance it'll be done- we're down to semifinals now of Trails in the Sky SC v. Recettear and Touhou v. Aviary Attorney.
    On deck: If one of them doesn't win the poll, I'll start another STEAM BATTLE immediately after finishing this one!
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