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    well that's good! Just hasn't had a great track record immediately recently. >_> Anyway!

    So what is gonna be in this topic?
    Most of the stuff I am playing or reading or watching or listening to! At the moment, arranged roughly by how much longer I have left on 'em:

    World Wonder Ring Stardom: Love me some joshi! ...Although I imagine AEW is going to have some sorta Network before too long, so it'll be added to the eternal question of "do I REALLY wanna go with Stardom over NJPW and CHIKARA and WWE?" At any rate, we're archive crawling through 2016 and life is good, especially since they started adding subtitles and stuff! I don't think any of the regulars care, so I have been just posting star ratings for each match, but hey if voltch and nbiceman show up or something I'll start writing things up.
    On deck: Could flip to one of those other feds at any moment, could be perpetually catching up until the heat death of the universe. We'll see!

    Blind Video LP of Stardew Valley: Watch me slowly blunder through the farming life! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2y6062kaHZPSrgW_DpPJQNB74olNe2tc I'm not getting many views, but eh, it's fun to put together even if nobody's paying attention. .....Much like this topic series itself, sometimes!
    On deck: Unless this takes off suddenly (which it won't, 47 episodes in with 2 views max) this is a one-off deal.

    Les Miserables: Loved the recent movie, love what I've seen of other performances of the musical, loved the like 5% of this I got through last time before it had to go back to the library. Excited to actually finish it this time, probably around 2023! Just starting out.
    On deck: Way too early to think about it! Maybe by then we'll have moved and I'll have found my copy of Romance of Three Kingdoms.

    Pokemon Silver: Boy, there are lots of ways to waste time in this one! I spent a long time grinding for a Dratini from the Game Corner, and I just got done wandering around to various areas that I wasn't needing to visit yet. Time for Lake of Rage! I asked a few different people/groups to pick a Pokemon each for my final team, and we've gotten Dratini, Eevee, Krabby, and Quilava to build the first four. Clefable and Lanturn will be joining us eventually.
    On deck: Might go with Fate/Extella, might grab a Zelda game, might resume Mario & Rabbids or Touhou Gensou Wanderer Reloaded, might be time for FE Three Houses by then, might go to one of my old games, who knows? But hey now that I have a Switch, I guess the "handheld" and "console" slots could hit the same library of games :O

    Smash Ultimate: YEAH SMASH. I don't really have an end goal in mind here- I'd like to 100% it or at least finish WoL, but that might not be a reasonable goal. I'd also like to learn how to play competitively, or at least git gud enough not to get bodied every online match, but that also might not be a reasonable goal. Doesn't seem a very writeup-friendly game so I usually only talk about major things that happen (which reminds me: I got to Temple of Light wooo)
    On deck: see Pokemon
    A thousand candles of peace