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    What should I play/read/listen to/watch next? - Results (27 votes)
    Next Steam game: Va-11 Hall-A
    11.11% (3 votes)
    Next Steam game: Ys I
    18.52% (5 votes)
    Next Steam game: Chrono Trigger
    37.04% (10 votes)
    Next webcomic: Ensign Mary Sue Must Die
    3.7% (1 vote)
    Next webcomic: Kiwi Blitz
    0% (0 votes)
    Next webcomic: Cut Time
    3.7% (1 vote)
    Next audiobook: Mistborn: The Final Empire
    3.7% (1 vote)
    Next audiobook: Three-Body Problem
    14.81% (4 votes)
    Next audiobook: A Dance with Dragons
    7.41% (2 votes)
    Next LP (after DDLC): Something by newLegacy Inc (please recommend)
    0% (0 votes)
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    Welcome to the TOMPIC! In this, I will liveblog various things that I'm watching and reading and playing and doing, and sometimes people even are interested! There will be mostly unmarked SPOILERS for anything I'm doing! It shouldn't be too hard to avoid them, though, and I try to tag some of the biggest reveals anyway, as well as stuff that I've been spoiled on before the current point in the writeups.

    The poll will officially run until TOMPIC 7 hits 500. The winner at that time will be my next selection from its category. Feel free to keep voting even if you come late- it'll still have some influence on future decisions, and on the poll when we get to TOMPIC 9!

    I have more info, but I'll save it for the bumps. Here's TOMPIC 7 though!

    (audiobook options are assuming I can snag them from the library)
    A thousand candles of peace