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Dels posted...
yeah that's what they're going for they're like "oh she's exactly the same as when she was 3, she acts really childlike, she always talks like she's younger than she is"

this is clearly an indication that something is going on, a 9-year old shouldn't be the same as a 3-year old

true, I guess

Also I always forget how much boob stuff there is at the beginning because IIRC it doesn't really show up again ever.

Dels posted...
If Kumasawa is actually Beatrice's mother, you heard it here first. I called it.


First impressions of Kanon are pretty good too.

Battler is very... unprotagonist-like. He doesn't seem to have the mental capacity to solve a mystery, much less doing any investigating.

Kihihihihi. He goes on to talk about Jessica taking over as protag, which heck, sign me up.

He's pretty good! Am looking forward to the tea party.
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