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So here it is, to spectate at Dels' ongoing playthrough topic

There's also Kira and Arria's playthrough topic to check out, but spoilers are ok there! https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/post?board=8&topic=76564559

Here are some good quotes from Dels.

Dels posted...
nevermind, shannon can't have this bad taste in men. she's the villain, and she's manipulating him. that must be it.

Dels posted...
LOL. eva basically already acts like i'd expect a witch to act

Dels posted...
2) Shannon: I don't know how Shannon got this high. There's just nothing explicitly ruling her out like the others. It's not impossible that she's just pretending to be a sweet naive clumsy girl, and she actually has some evil plan to infiltrate the manor and steal the inheritance money. Tbh, I don't think any servant has as much of a motive as family members. Maybe she should be lower. Oh well.

Dels posted...

Characters who will live the entire game
George - He's the main villain, so he's not dying any time soon
Jessica - Like I said, she will be our main problem solver who takes charge in investigations. She's living the entire game.
Battler - I don't think he's going to die, I can see a sort of growth/maturity arc. Could be wrong though.
Kanon - As I said, undergoing a massive development arc.

Three out of five ain't so bad.
Fuhlt nicht durch dich Sarastro Todesschmerzen,
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