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{ 885th Place } [10's][ 159th Place]
Song: "Same Damn Life"
Band: Seether
Album: Isolate and Medicate
---{ 2014 }---
Genre: Hard Rock
Score:[8.3][8.2][6.3][1.1][6.3][4.2][8.3] = [42.7] = [6.1]

Here I introduce you to a band that I generally like and am a bit surprised to have to drop one of their tunes so low. It's some of their newest work of course since it's most of the stuff they did last decade that I prefer and would be unlikely to drop this low. The video is kinda funny especially that "Boobies and Ranch" hat that the lead singer is wearing. The song poses the obvious sentiment that age doesn't change that many of us and we are destined to face the inevitable conclusion where what is normal for us individually will eventually be antiquated and we must accept what is new or fade away... or that is what I take from it rather. We are all creatures of habit so it's a fact that most of us go out jamming to the music that shaped our minds in our youth. Perhaps that is a closer message to what is actually being displayed here than what I originally suggested but I dunno. Not a bad tune though just not very outside of the box and noticeable so to speak and what I mean by that is the beat is pretty "safe" or commonly appreciated for a rock tune.
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