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    Some commentary as we continue onward:

    #962. "It Was a Good Day"

    - God I love that beat. Powerful song about how surviving and the small things and not taking life for granted and taking pleasures from the little things that go right and when the bad things don't happen. Or that you take the good days where you can because the bad days are constant and overwhelming in that the days where nothing happens are the best. I know a guy whose life right now seems like this song where frustration and anger with how his life is boil over in similar respects.

    #958. "Black Dog"

    - This was the first song I did karaoke to. What a mistake that was.

    #938. "I Swear"

    - Didn't even know there was a country version, only know All-4-One's melodic R&B.

    915. "Happy" - Anyway, every once in awhile I might bounce a knee to this one.
    - Similar thoughts. It was fun at first, and the 24-hr music video was a pretty cool concept (watched Rhett & Link do a similar thing singing along with Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" all night which probably inspired Pharrell), but it's just some sugar. It's a quick pick me up but doesn't really have a lasting impact on the happy cells, and the more of it there is, the worse it gets. Going back quickly to "Let's Stay Together," Al Green's song is a hearty warming pot pie of delicious goodness by the fire in the early winter's night nourishing and comforting you while Pharrell's "Happy" is like... cotton candy at the carnival; good for a few bites, melting in your mouth quickly, but becomes cloying and disposable not long after and you wonder why you didn't save your money for something better but equally overpriced.

    Also, how is 'a room without a roof' happy? I'd be worried about rain and weather damage and temperature control. You can't heat or cool the place because it goes right out, and the sun will just bake the place in midday summer. Plus, bugs and birds can just come and go as they please, and most depictions of rooms without roofs are rundown graffitied places only the homeless live in when they can't find a place with a roof. I'd say maybe it's a California thing, but now with all the fires and smoke, I'd definitely want a roof!

    909. "Fire & Rain" - Not a bad classic Soft Rock song but kinda slow and without the sort of build and climax I prefer to hear in the music I listen to.

    - I was surprised I didn't nominate this only because it seems like something I would have. Glad I didn't, because yeah, that write-up perfectly sums up the song. It's nice, but it doesn't hit any good highs when it can. It's just a nice song.

    900. "Heat of the Moment" - I thought that it had appeared in either GTA Vice City or one of the Saints Row games but can't seem to nail down that info even though I could have sworn I heard it in one of them.

    - Maybe you watched Supernatural?


    That said, I'm surprised that everyone's 70's nominations haven't been wiped out by now.

    Booo =P. The '70s so far have been my favorites. But maybe that's because they've been cut down so much so fast that the best of '80s and beyond haven't really made much of an impression yet.

    #890. "Crazy"

    - Love the song, head bops instantly, and the name was for the duo of Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse. Music video killed me first time I saw it.
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