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    Oof, two songs dropping almost back to back back there.

    { 922nd Place } [10's][ 169th Place] @Mega_Mana
    "The Night Begins To Shine"

    Band: B.E.R.
    Album: Teen Titans Go!
    ---{ 2015 }---
    Genre: Rock

    Kinda surprised that I haven't heard this one before this ranking but I really like the beat. The song isn't too deep but it's arrangement is almost just the right amount of melody for a big hit. It does get a little catchy after enough listens too. Unfortunately for you Mega this is the end of your 10's nominations. You still got plenty of other nominations left though so you are kinda looking good for the nominator challenge atm. Even though this was released in 2015 it's got a pretty slick New Wave sound to it imo. I didn't find anything that classified it as such but I can definitely hear it. I'm curious though, was this written for the Teen Titans show? (Too lazy to look that up atm)

    I'm happy to see it got a solid ranking outside the bottom 300, and to see it among some greats like "Everlong," "Joy to the World," and "Let's Stay Together." From what I've gathered in the past and research (a.k.a. Wikipedia) right now, this was recorded in 2005 for a general music library as an 80s-sounding song, but wasn't actually released until 2015 on Teen Titans Go!

    It's also pretty cool that it was just a little throwaway gag for a bit as a song Cyborg just kept humming or singing under his breath until there was an episode which became like a rock opera music video episode and was super awesome. ...And there was a four-part series of episodes centered on the rock opera world with covers of the song that I need to go find and watch as soon as I get home from work! I knew Cee-Lo Green covered it, but I had no idea why until now.

    { 917th Place } [70's][ 141st Place] @Mega_Mana
    "Let's Stay Together"

    Band: Al Green
    Album: Let's Stay Together
    ---{ 1972 }---
    Genre: Soul

    Meh... A really popular Soul hit from the 70's but I don't get it. It doesn't sound super fantastic and isn't even all that catchy imo but people love it. It ranks pretty high on a few different Love Song lists I looked at but I couldn't do 'ma thang' to this at all. That's probably why I wasn't born in the 70's I suppose lol. I am happy that it knocked that gdamn ABC song off the top genre list though as I've seen and heard enough of that crap. I've never owned an Al Green album and this is the only song off the top of my head that I think I've even heard of his. I do always confuse it for that "Let's get it on" song by Marvin Gaye though when I first hear it.

    How dare you good sir! :P

    I don't know what it is about this song, but whenever I hear it, I just get filled up. Like, I can't think of much else that fills my dark soul with light. Instant smile and urge to dance, even some watering of the eyes. It just hits those good vibrations.

    But I'm with you on not knowing any other Al Green song (even looking up his singles, I just hear The Beegees with "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" and that was theirs first AFAIK), and can see some Marvin Gaye confusion. But that brass section to start off the song, and his beautiful soulful voice, and the message of love and commitment... I think this is the one song I expected to go much further, but I can see by how many songs I really enjoy are falling alongside it, I know you have your work cut out for you.

    And I need to listen to his album too and hear more.
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