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    { 889th Place } [10's][ 161st Place]
    Song: "Kiss You"
    Band: One Direction
    Album: Take Me Home
    ---{ 2012 }---
    Genre: Pop
    Score:[7.3][5.2][6.2][6.3][4.2][5.2][8.1] = [42.5] = [6.071]

    So getting back into this after the holiday break, I've unfortunately gotta subject you all to yet another One Direction song. It's a little bit catchier than the previous tunes so far but still totally meant for little girls imo. I get when you have a seasoned adult that wants to sing about the trials and tribulations of relationships to share and teach with the community but these teenager love songs that are filled with blind infatuations and immature innuendo aren't really my cup of tea. Does this mean I've clearly left the atmosphere of my youth behind and entered the galaxy of old age? Maybe... but I know one thing is for sure that this crap often offends my ears lol. Despite my disinterest though it didn't stop their fans who viewed the music video over 10 million times in less than 24 hours. The song appeared in one of the Just Dance games and was featured in the Now That's What I Call Music line.
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