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    Final Score Breakdown:

    [Beat]-[Hook]-[Lyrics]-[Memories]-[Message]-[Stickiness]-[Top 100]

    [The Beat]
    This will represent the overall rhythm and progression of the song imo. A slight evaluation of the instruments used in a song will also have weight on the final beat score.

    [The Hook]
    This will represent how likely it is that I listen to the whole song if it popped up on the radio. It will also represent the interest that I have to even finish a song.

    [The Lyrics]
    This will represent how well the verse and chorus are written imo. It will also represent my ability to memorize and sing along with the song if I have that interest. I also use this to measure how well the vocals mesh with the rest of the song imo.
    [The Memories]
    This will represent how much the song invokes personal memories. In some cases a song may gain points based on it's use in other Pop Culture I am familiar with.

    [The Message]
    This will represent the message of the song or the difficulty of understanding it's meaning imo. It also represents a degree of emotional response that I get from hearing the song. I also include points if a song comes with a decent backstory.

    [The Stickiness]
    This will represent the likelyhood that the song will get stuck in my head when I hear it. Depending on whether it's a verse, chorus, beat, simple riff or the whole damn song can determine how many extra points I give.

    [Top 100 Bonus]
    The ONLY piece of this scoring system that will be slightly Objective. I will score based on an average of the info I find. Top 100 lists, Best song lists, overall sales, awards won etc.

    [The Leaning Points]
    Every Song ranked will receive a "leaning" score in all 7 categories. A [0.1], [0.2] or [0.3] will be added to help the further breakdown of a songs final score. It's simply as follows:
    [0.1] = I'm not 100% sure how I feel about a final score.
    [0.2] = The final score can go either way up or down.
    [0.3] = I am 100% confident in a final score.
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