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    Hello and Welcome to the Ranking (Continued...)!

    If you'd like to review Rankings #1,300 - #890 you may go here:

    If you do not have access to the archive just request an invite to the board and I will get you access.

    Just a couple of notes about the list:
    -This ranking is almost entirely subjective. Please do not engage in a debate with me about whether this list qualifies as a legit "Best of" list. This is Not a ranking to determine the "best" based on record numbers or sales statistics etc.

    This is purely a collection of tunes that are most appealing to my personal interests in music found within the amount of time I spent on research (with 300 nominations included). When the ranking is over you are more than welcome to reference any tunes that I did not include. I'm always down for great music and who knows, it is entirely possible that I will have simply overlooked some stuff that should be here. I listened to more than 5,000+ songs over the course of about 13 months or so, so I hope that was enough ground covered to at least offer some satiability. I have personally enjoyed the research either way.

    ---There are 260 songs representing each of the chosen decades. (70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's)

    ----Yes I know the current decade has not yet completed but we are doing this anyway. Tbh there was sooooooo much terrible music this decade that I doubt we'll get anything much better than what we got right here. If I'm wrong, it doesn't matter because I don't want to sift through any more of this "Just Dance" infested generation.lol

    Why didn't I include the 60's?
    Simple, because I'm not confident I could have pulled 200 songs from that decade and also I would have known immediately what the #1 song would have been for this ranking.

    So Instead... I present that song as this topic's Theme Song:

    (...I really don't know why I favor this tune over everything else but every time I hear it I get a special kind of goosebumps.)

    Paint It Black / The Rolling Stones / 1966
    [10.3][10.3][10.3][10.3][10.3][10.3][10.3] = 72.1 = 10.3

    The Rollout
    I will be dropping you tunes in a couple ways here. Each song will be ranked out of total 1,300 and top 260 from their decade. There will be several statistics included in an ongoing update. There will also be a special ongoing update displaying the Top ranked songs in every category. *Categories were selected either by research or best fitting based on my experience.

    The Nominator Challenge:
    Some of you have submitted Nominations. You will receive an update in topic whenever one of a user's nominations gets ranked. You will collect a Sum of points equivalent to the Sum of every placement on your list of nominations. The Larger this number, the lower you will place in the finals. The user who has earned the smallest score in the finals will have made the best nominations and be called Winner of the Nominator Challenge. (This is a Bonus game I play in most of my rankings.)

    The Topic Discussion rules
    Be Friendly, Be Respectful and Be Appropriate!

    I'm always cool with off topic posting as long as it stays friendly. With my Bi-polar I am sometimes easily triggered by unfriendly disputes and would like this space to be as free from that kind of stress as possible. Thank You

    So, enjoy and get settled in for the ride! There are sooo many great tunes heading your way. Thanks for stopping by and following the ranking. I hope that not only can users discover some new music here but maybe participate in some candid conversation about their favorite tunes as they pop up. Your Pal, Se7en. =P
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