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Kamekguy posted...
For 'tokens', it's just codifying stuff like Naoto's Death Counters, M3 Johnny's Coins, Wrex. Shepard. that sort of thing.

This. Making it less of a bunch of weird one-offs and more something the rules go over.

This is a good idea on paper but I'm not sure how easy it'd be to pull off. I think that kinda thing loses a bit if it's not organic. (and some of that already happens anyway!) The color commentary idea I like better (nominate Drak and/or Chris) but then you run a weird balance between keeping things interesting and talking too much and tipping people's hands in some fashion. One of the cooler things about the Drak journals is that most of the stuff in them was not public info at the time, so it would lose something if he tried to do that in real time without compromising the integrity of the game.

Absolutely, yeah. The idea isn't to reveal secrets. More like a more involved version of the old M1 standings to keep people in the loop. Possibly something like combining those old standings recaps with a 'power rankings' style? Suggestions and ideas welcome on this front.

DeathChicken posted...
I support the bounty hunter thing, on the grounds I loved dragging up characters no one put any value to and going "Yo this guy's actually pretty good"

No joke this is something that instantly came up for BH's. It lets us get a mix of lesser but good characters from big franchises in (for example, Gray Fox from MGS), and some of those 'whos' who are really good if you can make a case for them, making them less of a gamble since you can try them out for a day or two and see what they're like.
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