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User Info: Arti

6 months ago#21
428: Shibuya Scramble (PS4)

User Info: KCF0107

6 months ago#22
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die for XB1

This is the third of three games that I set out to beat in my Game Pass trial, so mission accomplished. There's a good game in there, but the awful UI (and poor visual cues in general), try-hard approach, and just a vast amount of unnecessary elements (you could cut credits, stamina/all those stats, and most collectibles and nothing of value would be lost) held it back.
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User Info: BlackDra90n

6 months ago#23
Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - Platinum'd

Went on a bit of a Quantic Dream spree over the last couple of months. Just finished up the platinum for Detroit and I think this is my favourite of the three I played. Characters are interesting and the story is presented in such a nice way. The game is beautiful too, which is definitely a plus. I can definitely see some of the complaints people have with the game, but overall I thought it was a pretty awesome experience.

User Info: SgtSphynx

6 months ago#24
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC)

My 2018 GotY

Hitman 2 (PC)

That last level
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User Info: Simoun

6 months ago#25
Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation (Android)

So I hear that this is basically Japan's holy grail JRPG. Not bad. I love it. It's probably the closest thing to a Japanese Ultima. They fixed the issues behind the grinding. And the job system is to die for. It is archaic but it is the first. The final boss took a few tries though, and the secret boss a whole lot of grinding tries.
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User Info: GOGZero

6 months ago#26
Mega Man 11 (Nintendo Switch)

Mega Man is back!
This installment has a lot going for it.
Played it on Normal and I got bodied a lot for my first playthrough. I enjoyed that feeling.

It took me a good 30 to 40 minutes to take down my first Robot Master: Block Man
I only managed to figure out 5 out of 8 weaknesses. One weapon I used on one particular Robot Master I thought I figured out turned out it wasn't the weakness but it did the job. Tundra Storm did a surprising amount of damage on Blast Man despite the fact it was not his weakness

The Double Gear System was pretty neat.It helped me out in quite a lot of situations.
Also pretty cool how it was fit into the story as well. Mega Man isn't really known for it's story but it's there and I thought it was ok.
Guard Breaking with the Mega Buster on the shielded enemies to break their defenses was satisfying.
This installment probably has one of the best set of Mid Bosses in the series IMO and they all felt challenging. The one in Impact Man's level gave me the most trouble until I figured it out.

My favorite levels were Blast Man and Bounce Man.
Favorite Robot Master: Tundra Man. "ELEGANCE!"
Favorite Weapons that stood out to me: Chain Blast (Power Gear), Bounce Ball, Block Dropper, Pile Driver, Acid Barrier

The only things I personally didn't like was the soundtrack and the final few stages. The style of the soundtrack all felt "samey". None of the tracks really clicked with me. I'll have to go back and listen to them again for a second opinion (I'll also give the instrumental themes a listen as well). Also, I felt that the final Fortress stages they were basically "phoning it in". They could of fit in at least one more level IMO.

Not sure where I would rank it in my rankings in the series but it would be somewhere in the top middle.
Overall, Mega Man 11 was pretty solid all around.
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User Info: Dels

6 months ago#27
If you have sound effects at their standard volume, they're so loud that they drown out the music, and it all sounds the same. I actually like the soundtrack after I actually listened to it.

User Info: NowItsAngeTime

6 months ago#28
Well I beat Smash Ultimate World of Light does that count
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User Info: guffguy89

6 months ago#29
Onrush (PS4)

Founders Trophy.

Soma (PS4)

Suprisingly, PS Plus came out with two gems in December. I absolutely loved both of these games and am still playing Ranked mode in Onrush. I definitely could see myself doing another Soma playthrough as well.
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User Info: Simoun

6 months ago#30
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (PC)

Pretty cool. Decent metroidvania/shadow of the colossus mashup. Yet another undersea endgame scenario and the horrors that come with it much like SOMA though not the exact reasons behind it. It did get kind of bullet hellish by the end and some bosses were just downright unfair. The best parts of the game were the calm sequences between bosses, whereby you are just told and shown what happened to humanity years after the ice caps melted.
It's not so cliche anymore when it's happening to you.
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