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    Dragon Quest XI (PC)

    Got the second, true ending. Holy s***. Just holy s***. I put this game too low on my GotY list. I put it at 7 but it should have been in my top 5. Probably not #1 but a contender for 2 at the least.

    So, here are some massive series plot spoilers that occur in the last cut scene of the game.

    You play as Erdrick this entire game and it's a title that is bestowed on you by a dragon that is the true form of Yggdrasil.The last thing you see before the credits roll is the Dragon Warrior hero with Sword of Light looking across at the Dragonlord's castle and f*** the FFVII remake, I want a Dragon Warrior remake.
    Congrats to the BYIG Guru Winner, Advokaiser
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