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    Being that World of Light is pretty long and it has Credits at the end, I would say it totally counts compared to say, going through Classic mode.

    Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)

    I had an incentive to replay this game again. Over at Retro Achievements, there's an event that's held weekly called Achievement of the Week. Thus, AotW was to beat Little Nemo.

    Good Capcom licensed game. You play as Nemo and you use Candy to feed animals to ride on/take on their forms to use their powers to find keys throughout the level. Stage 3 The House of Toys and the second section of Stage 8: Nightmare Land has got to be the hardest levels in the entire game. The Mouse form needed a lot more testing if you ask me. The hammer's hitbox on trying to break blocks with the Mouse form is a pain having to be at a certain distance to break blocks.

    Stage 8: Nightmare Land is such a nice refreshing change of pace at the end with the gameplay. You no longer have to search for keys and you get to use the Morningstar (scepter) as a means of attack.
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